18 Red Rosed Flower Bouquet Just £10, or 12 Roses £5 (DEAL ENDED)

One of the best Valentine’s offers we have seen so far is thanks to Morrison’s. They are offering shoppers a great deal right now with an 18 Red Rosed Flower Bouquet for just £10, or if you are happy with 12 Roses then £5 is the price to pay.

Morrison’s will take orders today and deliver between February 12th and 14th, so in-time for Valentine’s Day 2016. There’s also the option of a “Morrison’s Pure Love Flower Bouquet”, which comes in at £20 and still a great price in our opinion.

You can take advantage of this bargain at Morrison’s on this product page. Please understand that not all areas of the UK are covered by Morrison’s deliveries, so you might not be able to take advantage of this offer.

  • Nancy

    The same deal I think is coming back on December 1st 2016.