Next ALDI baby event

The next ALDI baby event is not always known until a few weeks or days prior to the official date itself. Saving money is the whole purpose of ‘ The Baby & Toddler Event’ and value for money is what you will most definitely be getting. Bookmark this “Next ALDI baby event” page because updates will be posted in the comments section below.

Are you looking forward to the next ALDI Baby & Toddler special buy event? It does not matter if you have a baby right now, or have one on the way, maybe your toddler could do with a few products, and ALDI will cater.

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event for 2019: The Aldi Baby Event for 2019 will start January 6th online and in store on the 10th.

Next ALDI baby event

Next ALDI baby event news up to December 2019

To find out about the latest ALDI baby rumors and news, see reports below.

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  • Mark

    The Lidl Baby & Toddler Event is on right now IN-STORE….

  • Jess

    I saw a 3-in-1 baby carrier for just under £14.

  • Christine

    The Baby Event is good, they are selling the Mamia Baby Wipes Sensitive 12 x 64 for ONLY £5.75.

  • Lisa

    Yes the aldi baby event went live today – my friend has already been to the store and said its great so I’m on way down there now.

  • Mark

    The next one starts next week on January 11th..

  • Vickie

    Has anyone got any idea when the next baby even is in? I know there’s been a recent one in August and things are still available online but I was disappointed that they had no highchairs this time. My little girl will need one soon so don’t know whether to wait or start looking elsewhere. The Aldi deluxe one I had for my son was great quality and the only equivalent I can find with the same features is 60 quid elsewhere!

  • Vicky

    The Aldi baby event is still on i think, there was still loads on sale with signs up in Bristol.

  • Vicks

    The Aldi Baby Event goes live August 17th 2017

  • Simon

    The Aldi Baby and Toddler Event is on right now, just head on over to the official website for more information…

  • Bob

    Thursday, August 10, 2017 online and August 17th in-store.

  • Emma Houghton Eddie

    when is the next baby event at aldi?

  • Peter

    Damn this is so cheap, Aldi is selling the Mamia size 2 mini nappies with 44 in a pack for only £2.39.

  • Maxine

    I am chuffed to bits because the Nuby Cot Mobile is only £14.99 thanks to the baby event online.

  • Jane

    The baby event is live.

  • Jamie

    The next Aldi Baby & Toddler Event will start on April 27th 2017.

  • diana

    When is the next ALDI baby event?

  • Clarissa

    The Aldi Specialbuys Baby Event has now started, I just ordered my batch of Mamia Size 4 Jumbo Box Nappies for just £5.79 for 84 size 4 nappies.

  • Joanne

    Is the Hauck Gamma Wooden High Chair at just under £40 normally a lot more expensve, or is this just an exclusive.

  • Diane

    Items are selling for as little as 99p.

  • Lisa

    The Hauck Black & Red Sport Buggy is now only priced at just under £26 and can be pre-ordered today for 19th January dispatch.

  • Kate

    I have heard some of the deals will include Mamia Play Pen for £49.99, Baby’s, Kid’s and Junior Toothbrush for just 89p, then there is the Mamia Baby Wipes 12 x 64 Multipack at £5.99 as well as Miosolo All In One Reusable Nappy £8.99 and for 69p the Baby Cleansing Pads 2 Pack. There will obviously be loads more so come back on the 12th for online shopping deals at Aldi.

  • Cyril

    The next aldi baby event will begin on January 12th online and in-stores from the 19th. So keep these dates in mind because deals are coming.

  • Janey

    The Mamia Advanced Digital Audio Monitor is very cheap at the moment at only £24.99. I think this is online only I am not too sure.

  • Carla

    If you loved the life of pets movie i know you will love the Children’s Life of Pets Sleeved Top, Aldi is selling this for just under £4.

  • Lydia

    The Mamia Advanced Digital Audio Monitor is only priced at £24.99, I might buy this now instead of waiting for Black Friday.

  • Vivienne

    Buy the Peppa Pig Buddy Light for just under £10, click on the Aldi link on the right of this page.

  • Jona

    The Aldi Baby & Toddler sale event is always good. Such as at the moment you can buy the Doc McStuffin Ready Bed or the Sofia ReadyBed for £22.99 each, you can pre-order these today. These both act as a air bed with a built in sleeping bag.

  • Alexxa

    Aldi thanks to the baby event is selling the Navy Novelty Dinosaur Boots for just £5.99. This is an online deal, and thanks to a launch offer you can get free delivery.

  • Lisa

    Get the children’s Hippo Toilet Seat online for just under £3 at Aldi.

  • Harry

    You can enjoy free standard delivery when you buy the Hauck Jungle Deluxe Baby Bouncer, which is priced at just £19.99. Just search the Aldi baby section and job done.

  • Lucy

    Aldi are selling plush toys such as the Rabbit, Lamb and Pluto ones for £3.99 each.

  • Jamie

    You can get the Kid’s Skateboard for under £10 at Aldi, not for babies but its a good price.

  • Chrissy

    Thanks to the Aldi baby event you can buy the Tommee Tippee Feeding Bottles 4 Pack for under £5.

  • Darren

    In store right now at Aldi buy the Hauck Squeeze Handle Safety Gate for just £14.99.

  • Jamie

    Oh wow they have the Kinder Valley Moses Basket for under £20, having that already.

  • Lacie

    The baby event is now on and i just got me 4 colourful food posts for just 99p, what a bargain.

  • Kerry

    Has anyone taken the Aldi Mamia challenge yet? it is a thing where you can become a product tester. In return parents are selected to get £10 voucher to spend at Aldi?

  • Aldi Customer Service Team

    It’s okay and thanks for your custom, we every much appreciate it as much as you like be our prices

  • Gladys

    Does anyone know when the next ALDI baby event is? It would be very good to know as there is no information anywhere.

  • Leanne

    All sorts, keep an eye on aldi website for the leaflet about a week before it shows everything.. Blankets, dummies, feeding equipment, toys, and usually somethings like strollers and High chairs. I had my first baby Aug last year and called down to the event may last year and bought all sorts. Deffo worth going down

  • Siobhan Webb

    What things are usually in the baby aldi event? I’m due my first baby I’m April 5th

  • Leanne

    Had an email back next one is Jan 28th so thought I’d share

  • Editor

    We have tried to make contact with Aldi to find out dates but not had any email reply yet.

  • Kieron

    There are no inklings of when the next Aldo baby and toddler event will be coming.

  • Terry

    The Aldi baby event was last week Thursday, but you can still visit Aldi baby section and still get a bargain. Some amazing Aldi deals going down still.

  • Rosey

    Is there going to be another Aldi Baby event before May 2016?

  • Jacob

    I know the next Aldo baby event is being held in September, but what date will this be on?

  • Joshiline

    I have never heard of the ALDI baby event, would someone like to explain a little more to me and what i need to do.

  • Dawn

    Roll on September, my baby is due sometime October and i could really do with the ALDI Specialbuys to kick in. Thanks ALDI love you lots.

  • Pamela

    The next event will be held in September, are you looking forward to the specialbuys page being updated?

  • Sarah

    ALDI prices are fantastic when the baby and toddle event is on, does anyone know when the next one is?