Next Aldi Cycling Sale Event

When is the next Aldi Cycling Event? If you are asking this question then you have come to the right place, because here is where the dates will be revealed just before they go live. Get ready for the Aldi deals coming soon on Event Next.

There are normally many cycling products on sale via the Aldi Specialbuys section, items such as the Garmin Edge 810 or the Fluid Turbo Trainer will pop up along with many clothes to suit your needs. But the best thing of all is the knockdown prices during the Aldi Cycling Event.

Please remember the dates of each event will be located below in the comments area, if you do come across a great Aldi bargain please do share with others.

Next Aldi Cycling Sale Event

Next Aldi Cycling Sale event news up to November 2019

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When is the next Aldi Cycling Sale event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Elisha

    If you visit Aldi specialbuys online you will see what is available in-store and online. I love the 2 In 1 Bike Trailer & Stroller £99.99 and trying to persuade the hubby to buy one for our little baby girl.

  • Nikki

    The Ladies’ Performance Cycling Jacket priced at just under £30 is an Aldi Online Exclusive.

  • Mark

    I would very much love to know when the next Aldi cycling sale event is on.

  • Kate

    These number of items will go up daily, you will notice now that there are 70.

  • Lara

    It does make me laugh that there are going to be 62 products for sale during the CYCLING EVENT and there are NO bikes.

  • Bobby

    Yeah, on Sept 29 this week there will be 62 items on sale.

  • Jamie

    The next Aldi Cycling Even sale is on September 29th this week. Just 4 more days and bargain galore.