Apple TV live Sept 9 event stream with 4th gen

Apple is going to be making its usual announcement of its new smartphone lineup, but the Apple TV 4th gen is also going to be highlighted and thousands will be looking forward to the live Sept 9 event stream being held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Two usual products will be taking most of the events time, but we cannot count out the new Apple TV refresh. This is going to be the first upgrade in three years according to many sources.

Are you ready for a new 2015 Apple TV set-top box? Apple is expected to announce a new Apple TV and they could move forward and gear towards the gaming side of things like Amazon did with its TV box? Its apparent price point is expected to be around the $150 mark, but you have to remember yes it is more expensive than the current model but still a whole lot cheaper than a gaming console.

Many other rumours have suggested there will be a redesigned remote control, which could also come with a new touch pad that will act as the gaming controller. There was even talk of adding a new Siri button as well as supporting gaming apps.

Apple live event streaming: Just look for the event icon on your current Apple TV.