Next Apple event

The next Apple event keynote will bring plenty of self-recognition in regard to sales figures and how well the technology company is doing, but it’s normally the new software and product launches that fans want to see most.

Scheduled conferences run normally with an Apple event in September, June, and special events that can arrive in both March and October. You can expect new iPhones to arrive at the end of a year, although details about the OS and other software are revealed at WWDC in June.

You can watch a live video stream for past Apple events using the details on this page, to the right on desktops. Any support channels with further details of the conference calendar are also included, although feedback from editors and the Event Next community will bring both Apple rumors and scheduled dates.

Next Apple event

Next Apple event news up to November 2019

To find out about the latest Apple rumors and news, see reports below.

When is the next Apple event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Barry

    I have been hearing or shall i say reading that the new iPhone 8 will be launching in August and not September.

  • Carlton

    Get ready for the Apple September event because hopefully this is when the iPhone 8 will be revealed with an October release.

  • Kate

    When is the next Apple Event for 2017?

  • Paul

    So I saw over on Twitter the new Apple iPHone 8 Dummy, which apparently botht the front and back will have 2.5D glass.

  • Simon

    is it true that the new upcoming Apple iPhone 8 may not ship September 2017?

  • yourmomsbox

    so hows the new macbook pro, do you feel bad for all that whinning?

  • Jack Capella

    I’ve heard rumors about updates to the iPad coming in March but really hoping for an Mac Mini update, love my Mac Mini!

  • Jessica

    The Apple WWDC event will be taking place June 2017, that much I know. But a new Mac Pro desktop computer would be good as well as something new not even Amazon, Facebook or Google have announced, be smart.

  • Alex

    Is there any chance of a new Mac Pro in 2017? I have heard that Apple will announce a new one in March and if this is the case I will hold off buying a new one.

  • Along with a number of family and friends, I have been waiting on the new MacBook Pro for over eight months. I have never owned a MacBook but I’m not about to purchase a model which is nearly five years old. I’d like the new MacBook Pro to compliment my 27″ Mac, which, by the way, is amazing. I am also looking at the iPhone 7 Plus to replace my BlackBerry Passport, as both my personal and business phone. However, if a new MacBook Pro doesn’t surface soon, I will be joining some of my family and friends in opting for a Chromebook or another laptop. These aren’t my first choice… but needs must, and my need for a new laptop is getting pretty desperate.

  • Kerry

    When is the iphone 7 pre order time? i would love to know as i want this bad boy.

  • Peter

    Today is Apple iPhone 7 event time, 6pm UK time peoples. Waheyyyyyyy.

  • John

    Is the Apple event live streaming tonight? I have been waiting for today for ages and very much got my 6pm alarm on the ready to remind me.

  • Kelly Jefferson

    I can’t wait until Apple next event in August of this year

  • Joleen

    Be good to tell siri to play a certain video in YouTube.

  • Mehinder

    In just 2 months time the next WWDC will begin and we are all looking forward to the new iOS 10 update. Hopefully this will come alongside the new iPhone 7 but we know the smartphone will not release until around September time going on all other releases.

  • Irwin

    Will the Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 7 be releasing this year of 2016?

  • Maguire

    I am very much looking forward to the next big Apple event. The next WWDC will be held from June 13-17 in San Francisco.

  • Giles

    When is the iOS 9.3 release time slated for, I want to be on the ready for this one?

  • Mark

    The apple launch event is today on march 21 and will start at 10am pacific time, which is 5pm UK – it is NOT 6pm its 5PM UK time. What are you expecting?

  • Cassey

    What are you looking forward in hearing Apple keynote live on March 21 at 10 a.m. PDT?

  • Klark

    Looks like there could be a new 9.7-inch iPad, but as for the iPhone SE i cannot see because Apple phones normally get announced in September right?

  • Caroline

    Not sure in GBP but the iPhone 5s is around $449 off contract, so you can expect the new iPhone SE around the same price.

  • Bobby

    Does this basically mean a new iPhone 6S is being launched in a 4-inch chassis?

  • Kieron

    The Apple Event kicks off on March 31, 2016 and for me it is all about the new 4-inch iPhone, which is apparently replacing the iPhone 5S. Specs are said to include a 12MP camera, and many other components the iPhone 6S has.

  • Di

    Apple invites have been sent out and there are so many speculations that a new smartphone is to be announced called the iPhone Se which is supposed to be like the iPhone 5 but with much better specs, how true is this?

  • Mark

    When is the Apple Watch 2 event? Be good to know if i have just wasted my money on buying the Apple Watch a couple of weeks ago.

  • Alex

    Reports are coming in now, Apple is having an event in March with new products to boot. Hopefully they will unveil the new ipad air 3, apple pencil and a new apple watch update.

  • Dan

    Anyone know when is the next Apple event?

  • Maxine

    I am so intrigued to know what the iPhone 7 will be like, i am hearing so much such as being waterproof, the headphone jack not being included in the next installment. Do any of these stand correct or are they just rumours?

  • James

    Is it true that the next new iPhone release will be waterproof like the Xperia phones from Sony? This would be a great addition if this were the case.

  • Tiffany

    get ready for the Sky Whale from Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers, today December 8th at Apple Store, Third Street Promenade 1415 Third Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA.

  • Craig

    My new iPhone 6s turned up today and must say i am just as impressed as i was the Apple Event (Keynote) when they showed it off. Happy days and smiling. Time for a pint.

  • Joe

    I want my new Apple TV 4th gen, no release date yet but hoping I get it early in Oct 2015.

  • Tony

    I am so looking forward to Friday as I have my new iPhone 6S coming. My older 5S had a broken on / off button and the touchscreen would not work yet the touchscreen accessibility button did. So calls and messages were coming in but i just bot answer them.

  • Daniel

    I cannot decide if I should by the Apple Watch or not. I watched the keynote and was very impressed. The issue i have is with a normal watch they last forever, but an apple watch will be old come next year when they release a new one. Unless its going to be like the Apple TV and not get a refresh for 3 years.

  • Vinnie

    The event was amazing and with the OS 2 coming out for the Watch I was sold, so i decided to purchase the Apple Watch and it has been sat in the depot all day when i tracked it. I called them and they said it will be out for delivery today, but how is this so if its still sitting in the depot? Hurry up already I want my new gadget.

  • Mark

    Stupid live Apple Event, pulled me right in and now have the Apple Watch, Apple iPhone 6S on order and also wanting the new 2015 Apple TV when it becomes available in October.

  • Bobby

    When will the apple store come back online? I need i want i have to have the new space grey iPhone 6S.

  • Terry

    I will be getting the rose gold iPhone 6S Plus, but the apple store in the UK is down, so i am guessing its down globally.

  • Victor

    The apple store is down right now for all the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus minions to pre-order. Roll on 8:01 am when it all goes live.

  • Dan

    What a great event, 4th generation Apple TV after a few years wait. This really is an Apple fans dream come true, as I have 4 of these black boxes in my house, so at least 2 will get an upgrade.

  • Kikki

    Not long to go now, my countdown timer is on to remind me. 6 PM here in the UK it starts and I will be watching the live stream. So excited. I cannot see any design changes on the iPhones, they will probs stick an S at the end and show of a few new features.

  • Ray

    Apple live event is today for September 2015, but will we really see a new iPhone 6S and if so will the design be totally different. I heard it will look the same on the outside.

  • Dan

    I think the start time in India is around 3:30PM, not totally sure though.

  • Ra

    The start time for Apple’s September 9th event in India for 2015? Anyone know how the 10AM PDT time converts to Indian time?

  • Nigel

    I so cannot wait for tomorrow, yes September 9 my Apple TV will be on to watch the live stream. I am so hoping for a complete surprise to blow us out of the water.

  • Molly

    So, the next Apple event will bring a new iPhone 6S, which isn’t really a secret. I’d love for Apple to shock everyone with something new, like the Apple TV 4th generation finally.

  • Ben

    What time will the Apple TV live events icon go live and how long before Sept 9? I want to watch a live stream on my Apple TV, rather than websites, etc.

  • Arun

    Is there a chance the button found on the new Apple TV will activate Siri?

  • Brian

    Oh yes i am really doing the Apple September event 2015 countdown, only 4 more days to go for something new.

  • Batu

    I am hoping for a better iPhone 6, which we know it will be called the iPhone 6S. Would love to see a new 2015 Apple TV, what are you expecting on September 9, 2015?

  • Mark

    I broke my iPhone 5S and promised myself i would not get a new iPhone 6. I might as well wait until the new iPhone 6S gets released. Do you agree or should i just go Android?

  • Jaime

    I cannot wait until the Apple event, be good to see what sort of NEW tech Apple will incorporate into its new iPhone. I said NEW twice i mean old tech from Samsung and then tweaked to make better.

  • Mark

    I tried many different ways of asking Siri about the September Apple Event and no clues were given. So stop making a fool of yourself because i am the fool. lol

  • Ricky

    Yea right, I asked Siri to give us a hint and he wouldn’t tell me anything solid. No news at all about the sept 9 keynote, he did say to check rumor websites, which is quite funny.

  • Dan

    Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint. This is on the sept 9 press invitation, I wonder if we can find out what will be at the event through Siri on iPhone? I been trying, but no rumors or easter eggs being offered, well nothing you could count as useful. I bet Siri usage has gone up a lot since Apple sent the Sept 9 events out.

  • Hartley

    So, September 9th 2015 is the date set for the Apple iPhone event. And is apparently being held at the for the first time San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. This is a bigger venue than normal so something big is coming by way of announcements.

  • Jeremy

    I really need to get a new phone as i broke the on and off button as well as cracked the screen. But is it worth me waiting until September for the new iPhone or should i just get the iPhone 6 that is out now?

  • Grace

    As we all know in September Apple will no doubt announce the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, for those that think they will jump straight to the 7 is being alluded with serious alien abduction thoughts.

  • Mark

    Are they releasing the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus or will they go straight to the 7 this year?

  • Ben

    I got the iPhone 5S and will get the iPhone 6S, I wait for the in-between models as these fixes most of the problems with a new design.

  • Lewis Randell

    I agree, Sept 8th is when the next Apple event will be. I hear we will also see iOS 9 gold master go live right after the event.

  • Dan

    It’s always on a Tuesday in September, so expect the next Apple event to be Tuesday Sept 1st, 8th, or 15th. It won’t be any later and considering the last 2 years saw the phone event on 8th/10th, look to Tuesday September 8th for Apple’s next event. You will likely see a new iPhone 6S during the keynote that keeps almost the same design until iPhone 7 in 2016.