Next Argos 2 for 1 Toy Sale

There are always special Argos toy sales going on throughout the year, such as 2 for £10, 2 for £20 and 2 for £30 etc but the best out there has to be the Argos 2 for 1 toy sale. There is no exact date of this event as dates change throughout the year, but as soon as we know you will be informed in the comments below.

Argos sells some amazing toys for all age groups, selling action figures, LEGO, games and puzzles, as well as electronic toys, RC Cars, teddy bears, baby and pre-school and many more. There is a diverse range to suit all ages of boys and girls, and we will list deals on this page and you can of course add toy deals when you come across them too.

Maybe you are looking at buying the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra XDI device in green, this has been priced at £59.99 marked down half price from £119.99 (subject to change). Hopefully something like this will be on the 2 for 1 sale at Argos.

When Live: Be sure to bookmark this events page for updates, which will be posted in the comments area. It is also worth adding the official Argos Toys page for the official 2 for 1 toy deals.

Next Argos 2 for 1 Toy Sale

Next Argos 2 for 1 Toy Sale event news up to November 2019

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  • Brian

    The Argos baby Event is still live if this helps anyone, a sale is a sale so all good.

  • Grant

    The do not have any 2 for 1 sales on but they are doing the 2 for £15, 2 for £30, 2 for £10, 2 for £20 and 2 for £25 at the moment.

  • Theresa

    Any idea anyone when the next Argos 2 for 1 toy sale will be, I have looked everywhere and emailed Argos and they say nothing.

  • Henry

    There is an Argos Toy Sale on at the moment online where you can get toys for just £20, this is a 7 day deal only which actually ends this Thursday. Such as buying the Street Dogs Bumper will only cost you £20 rather than @49.99.

  • Mark

    Not too sure when the Argos 2 for 1 toy sale is on but I do know that the Kids Take Over Event is now on where you can save up to half price on selected products.

  • Charlotte Jones

    Hi, what is the date of the 2 for 1 sale please or have I missed it? Thanks

  • Lindsey

    does anyone know if the paw patroller toy will be on offer? missed the last one

  • Maxxie

    YES, you can save up to half price on Chad Valley toys with Argos. Such as the Chad Valley 100 piece styling dolls head from £24.99 down to just £12.49.

  • Libby

    This is not the 2 for 1 toy sale but good enough, Argos is holding its up to half price on selected toys.

  • Ella

    Save £7 on the Mega Bloks First Builders 123 Learning Train. Now just £10.99.

  • Donna

    Argos is holding its 2 for £15 toy sale at the moment, night as well make the most of this before the 2 for 1 sale starts.

  • Karl

    You can get up to half price off at the new Argos toy sale event. There are many top toy deals such as save 50% on the VTech Pop and Play Elephant., where you need only pay just under £20, so many deals folks.

  • Victor

    For get the Argos 2 for 1 Toy Sale you can now buy toys with Argos on the cheap with the 2 for £30 on selected toys.

  • Jillian

    This is not a 2 for 1 deal but Argos is selling the Peppa Pig Double Sided Easel for half price, now priced at only £17.49.

  • Stacey Murphy

    What’s 2 for 1 like I never heard of this event I know there is 3 for 2 event that starts on Wed 4th november 2015 could this be what your on about ?

  • Smithy

    This is great news because I want this particular Elsa Frozen doll, which seems to be sold out everywhere. So hopefully come Argos 2 for 1 sale they will get more stock in.

  • Bobb

    I have seen the same date as well Terry, looking forward to this one as could do with saving a few pounds on buying presents for Christmas.

  • Terry

    I have seen a number of comments over on Facebook deal pages that the Argos 2 for 1 toy sale will be kicking off on November 4, 2015.