Next Argos Big Red Christmas Sale

The Next Argos Big Red Christmas Sale is coming and normally starts in December, many products will be discounted with up to a staggering 70% off. This is the time you really need to keep an eye out of when the start and end dates occur, and when they do they will be shown here.

In 2014 the Argos Christmas event started on December 12, so for 2015 it should happen around Dec 11 as reported by this Facebook group, but we will keep an eye out for you. All we know is when the deals go live you need to be very quick whilst stocks last.

With up to 70% off technology, toys and much more you are guaranteed a bargain to sit under your Christmas tree. This is the best time to buy presents you have had you eye on but wanted to see a cheaper price. When the sales event goes live and you see a good deal, please do list them below with the product name and current price – thanks all.

Next Argos Big Red Christmas Sale

Next Argos Big Red Christmas Sale event news up to November 2019

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  • Joan

    Argos has just started today its BIG RED EVENT Sale, this is not the Christmas one obviously but hey its still a sales event where they are offering hot major deals….

  • Clerissa

    Merry Christmas all, are Argos going to have a bigger sale on Boxing Day? I am looking at buying a new microwave so was thinking about waiting until then,

  • Mindy

    I could do with a new 60-inch 4K HD TV, will this type of product be on the Argos Big Red Christmas Sale event?

  • Taylor

    Is it going to be up to 70% off all toys this year like last year? Would be good if they went one better and stamped on a up to 80% off. Happy days if that were the case, c’mon Argos baby.

  • Marshall

    I so hope it is on the Friday 11th December, because that is the weekend i have off and will be able to buy some bargains via Argos.