Next Asda Pet event

The Asda Pet Event is a great shopping day for pet lovers, great deals happening both online and in-store and when such an event is on your furry friends will be in for a surprise.

Thousands of people over the years as part of the Asda Pet event have taken to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their wonderful pictures of there dogs or cats etc in costumes and we love them. Love it when you see pictures of dogs dressed a hot dog or a dinosaur.

When you visit the Asda Pet Event on the right of this page (Link) you will see many products up for offer under the categories dog, cat, bulk, tots & accessories and small mammals, fish & birds.

For news please do also check out the link on the right because this is where you can stay up-to-date on all the latest Asda Pet Event activities.

Next Asda Pet event

Next Asda Pet event news up to November 2019

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When is the next Asda Pet event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Mike

    The last Asda Pet Event wa in August, so we are guessing it will be about the same time as last year, which is around August 12th, but in 2014 it was the end of July so keep watching this page.

  • Carla

    Pay £10 each for 40 Whiskas 1+ Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly at Asda or even better and where the deal comes in £18 for 2 – search product code 4733644 at Asda Groceries online.

  • Toby

    Asda Rollback baby on the Bakers Complete Dry Delicious Meaty Chunks Chicken & Veg now only £19 instead of £20, a quid is a quid.

  • Tina

    Asda Pet rollback prices, but ‘Bakers As Good As It Looks Variety Menus Dog Trays’ 4 x280g for £3.50 each or 3 for only £10.

  • Tanna

    Not too sure when the next asda pet event is but they have a good sale on for your furry freinds. You can buy 2 for £18 on 40 x 100 Whiskas 1+ Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly, but 1 40 x 100 for £10 or 2 for £18.

  • Rita

    No dates have been given for the next Asda Pet event, does anyone know when it is?

  • Lorraine

    Come on now Asda, I have just purchased like £100 worth of gear for my cats and dogs. Not because i need it but because it’s blooming cheap. Nice one Asda.

  • Brad

    The Asda pet event is now live and there are some great deals going on August 17, 2015.