Asda is always having a good sale throughout the year, but one of its most popular is the up to half price toy sale. Shopping is basically an event now because it has become huge with shoppers – So when is the next Asda toy sale event? The date of this event is never on the same day each year; expect different dates to pop up here.

Christmas is coming very fast and even though there will be the Asda Black Friday sale this one is dedicated to toys only. The 2015 toy sale went down a storm and Disney’s Frozen Elsa Toddler Doll sold out very fast leaving Asda without stock.

Items exclusive to Asda such as the My Sweet Baby Interactive Baby Doll was priced at only £14 instead of £17 in the last sale event, and the Sparkle Girlz Camper Van price dropped by half at only £25 from £50. See many of the Asda discounted toy products below when they become available. If you see any Asda toys worth mentioning below because the price is a lot lower than normal please do list them here on this page.

When Live: Asda is always holding a toy sale on during the year and when they make live a special shopping event such as the Big Toy Rollback etc this is the page to visit.

Next Asda Toy Sale event news up to May 2021

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