Back To The Future Day 2015 for fans

Back To The Future Day 2015 is on October 21 and the countdown has already begun with the timer nearly coming to an end. This is the day when Dr Emmett and Marty McFly in the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part II set the clock timer in the DeLorean time machine car.

Please do not tell us you have never heard of Back to the Future, if you have you know how epic this day is, and if you haven’t then quick go and watch the movie right now because you will love it.

Many fans didn’t even think about this day coming around and becoming an iconic day and being called ‘Back To The Future Day 2015’. Before they travelled to 2015 where they had hover boards etc the present time in the movie was October 26,1985 01:20 am.

This is a day where fans can celebrate the “Back to the Future” Day, where you can discuss about this movie and what it meant to you. Check out the cool countdown clock via

Back To The Future Day 2015 for fans

  • Lee

    My favourite sceen is where Marty (Michael J Fox) is playing the guitar on a huge speaker amp, i have fogotten what one this was being it Back to the Future I, II or III, please do let me know.

  • Ricky

    OMG, cannot believe how fast 21 Oct 2015 has arrived, who would have thought over 20 years has gone by that quick.

  • Mark

    I loved the Back to the Future triolgy, yes three superb films with not one disappointing. Wow, cannot believe october 21, 2015 is here upon us and that was stated in the movie, totally forgot.