Next Barbie Swimming Pup Pool Sale

Looking for the best Barbie Puppy Swimming Pool and Doll? Why spend the full price for something and spend all day hunting for the right price when you can find it right here on This is where you will find the latest updates of the next Barbie Swimming Pup Pool sale.

Here we will update this page when we see any great price reductions during a sale event such as Black Friday, January sales, summer price cuts etc. You can even add any Barbie deals you come across in the comments below, so that others can benefit.

The Barbie Swimming Pup Pool also comes with the puppy where it can take a dip to change her fashion, the pup can swim when you push a button on its back. Please be aware when buying that this is a toy suitable for 3 years and over and when playing in water adult supervision is advised.

Next Barbie Swimming Pup Pool Sale

Next Barbie Swimming Pup Pool event news up to November 2019

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  • Shirley

    Tesco Direct online is selling the Barbie Swimming Pup Doll (cat no – 595-7967) for £18.99, the price was originally £23.49, which is a saving of £4.50. –

  • Bermuda

    The Argos price for this toy is now sitting at £19.99, it was £24.99 – just search cat number Product code:540/9259 online.

  • Alice

    The Barbie Puppy Chase Swimming Pup Pool and Doll with Smyths online has gone down from £24.99 to £18.49. Just search cat number 153245

  • Bee

    Barbie Swimmin’ Pup Pool Doll has been reduced from £24.99 down to £18.49 at Amazon UK.