Next Boots Boxing Day Sale

Boots are very well known for its great deals during the Christmas and New Year period, but this time of year everyone is asking the same question when it comes to this store, “What are the Boots opening times on Boxing Day?

December is always a good year for Boots and of course its customers because we are blessed with the awesome ‘Boots Star Gift‘ as well as many other bargains in store and online, such as knock down prices on perfume, photo frames, beauty products or maybe you are looking for the perfect electric toothbrush.

Below you will see many deals as well as the Boots Boxing Day sale opening times on December 26 (including New Year too). We would always recommend checking your local store to see all opening times right here using the Boots Store Locator.

Next Boots Boxing Day Sale

Next Boots Boxing Day event news up to November 2019

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  • Clarissa

    What sort of Boxing Day sale can we see Boots offering? In this I mean in deals / percentage knocked off etc.

  • jamii

    They are also open News Years Even and Day, some will be closed but on New Years Day some will be open.

  • Chris

    Boots stores will be open on December 26th as usual but with reduced hours. Some stores will be closed so check your local store opening times using the store locator.