Next Boots Points Event

There are many different Boots Points events during the year such as during the Black Friday sale customers can collect £10 worth of points when they spend £60 online or £50 in store or the ever so popular Triple Points Event. So when is the next Boots points event?


There are always points events happening at Boots and they will be listed here within the comments below. Of course, if we miss any dates please do add them for us so other readers can find out.

Points are always good around sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course Christmas, Boxing Day and January sales, but please do come back regularly for many more updates throughout the year. If you would like to collect Boots points and are new then not to worry just get your Advantage Card right now here, spend the pounds save the points. Members get 4 points for every £1 spent, but of course you can get even more during Boots special event.

When Live: Get the Boots Advantage Card here and then take more advantage when an event takes place, which will be listed on this page.

Next Boots Points Event event news up to October 2017

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  • Jessica

    I have just noticed that not only is Boots offering 3 for 2 on products and triple points where you spend £1 and get 4 points, but they are also saying you can collect over £2 worth of points when buying No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation after the £25 threshold has been met.

  • Maxine

    Happy days, I just purchased a few things online and gained triple points. I have checked online the main points page and they are saying it will run from 22 to the 26 September.

  • Kathryn

    The Boots Triple Points event is on right now peeps, yes been waiting for this for a while now.

  • Julie

    At the moment you can get 4 points for every £1 spent.

  • Grace

    The Boots website is going down on Saturday 23rd of this month. This will happen and 10pm and will be offline until Sunday 24th 1pm.

  • Jaime

    Get Boots Triple Points when you spend £30 or more in store or £50 online.

  • Jan

    The next points event is on the 25th may 17 £10 for a £50 spend or £60 on line

  • Joan

    Boots customers are getting emails with a link to Boots Triple Points. You can now get triple points on haircare if you are an advantage card holder. This ends midnight 18th May….

  • Belinda

    The last Bots Triple Points Event happened in April 2017 where you got triple points if you spent £50 or more, any idea when the next one is?

  • Lisa

    I am getting at the moment thanks to Mothers Day coming soon £10 worth of points for every £50 I spend in store.

  • Simon

    DO NOT forget the Boots Triple Points Event that is still LIVE. This ends on March 6th so hurry and collect.

  • Joan

    The Boots Triple points is now live, you can now get tiple points when you spend £50 or more.

  • Kay

    On the Boots main page on its website it says that you can get tripple points when you spend £50 or more on selected LEGO. How does this work? Because all i see is the normal points unless they add them when you add to basket etc.

  • Jenny

    I am guessing the Boots Triple points have ended now?

  • Sue

    Boots National Points Event all day in stores tomorrow. Collect £10 worth of Advantage Card Points for every £50 you spend. Most large stores open till at least 9pm.

  • Gladys

    Its not only online Jessica, they are allowing customers to go in store as well for triple points, so basically like they say in its website if you go into store and spend say £35 they will give 12 points per £1. Great deal my love, have a good day.

  • Jessica

    Today is December 1st, 2016 and the Boots Triple Points have begun. This is where when you spend £50 or more online your points are tripled, so cool that the Christmas points offer has begun and its running right up until December 5th.

  • Caroline

    From the dates 11 – 14 November was the triple points when you spend £50 or more online. So when is the next lot going to happen?

  • claire

    Get £12 worth of points for every £50 you spend at Boots Manchester Market St tomorrow (27/10/16). Don’t know about other branches – Boots don’t seem to have updated the website yet. I emailed customer services and was given this date. There will be another in Nov and one in Dec.

  • Jenny

    The last Boots triple points when you spent £50 on selected products ended October 3rd 2016, does anyone know when the next one will be held?

  • Wendy

    Get triple boots points when you spend £40 or more online, that is basically 12 points per £1. I got excited when I saw this, but only to see it ended August 31st, so when does the new lot begin?

  • Jimmy

    When is the next Tesco Clubcard Boost event on for 2016? So many people are reporting its on now but I can tell you these are all fake info. It is not this month i know that for sure.

  • Craig

    I would very much like to know when the next boots points event is. Of course I know about the Black Friday one, is there going to be a dedicated Christmas one or do we have to wait until like the January sales?

  • Alison

    Yeah, I am already taking advantage fo the £10 worth of points, i just spent £150 in Boots for Christmas presents and i got £20 worth of points which is great. If you hvent got your Boots Advantage card yet what you waiting for, got get it lol.