Next BPM Festival

Each year the annual electronic music festival gets bigger and this is why we all want to know when the next BPM Festival held in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is on. BPM stands from Bartenders, Promoters, Musicians and attendance is 70,000 plus and climbing each year.

If you love great atmosphere, music, DJs, bars and pure magic then you will have all the above and more for 10 days with over 375 artists all in one magical journey. The 2017 artist lineup was amazing and now we are all wondering if the next few will be just as good or even better, get ready for BPM Festival in 2018 and onward.

The BPM Festival features many parties in different venues and if you want to be a part of it or have your say because you have already attended then please do use this page for all your discussions. You will also fond news, ticket prices and artist lineups right here on this page.

Next BPM Festival

Next BPM Festival event news up to November 2019

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  • Klint

    It is so sad that you cannot go out to a venue and have fun without the worry of being shot. The BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is one of my fave places to go in January. It will not stop me going, crimes happen all around the world, we should not be worried.

  • Layla

    I love the BPM Festival but this year I did not go, now looking at the news I am rather glad I did’nt go because 5 people were shot and killed according to the news at the Blue Parrot.