Next B&Q 12 Days of Christmas Deals

Each year is different at B&Q around the festive season, and if you would like some amazing offers then stick around because the next B&Q 12 Days of Christmas is about to begin. You really do not want to miss out on the next twelve days, each panel hold a different bargain just for you.

Starting on December 1st B&Q will begin its yearly ‘12 Days of Christmas Deals’, which they simply call 12 Days 12 Deals. Basically the first day begins on December 1st and on this B&Q page you will see a new panel open from the normal empty one with a question mark in it to reveal a new B&Q deal.

This is what we here at Event Next would call the B&Q Advent Calendar, just a few days short of a full one. Each year will be different and of course a surprise, even we do not know what its inside.

Next B&Q 12 Days of Christmas Deals

Next B&Q 12 Days of Christmas Deals event news up to November 2019

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  • Orson

    Hi Simone, I messaged Event Next and they said yes they update when it all goes live 12 days before Christmas.

  • Simone

    The page link within your post is not working, i am gathering this updates when the 12 days of deals go live?

  • Peter

    I loved it when this was on and cannot wait for it again. Just a shame this only happens once a year, they should have for all occasions such as Easter etc.

  • Johannes

    Todays deal is the DeWalt 10.8V Li-Ion Combi Drill & Impact Driver Kit 2 Batteries DCK211C2-BQGB priced now at only £120, it was £137. This in an online exclusive.

  • Chase

    Today on December 3 the deal of the day is for 12 days of Christmas is on the Colours Cludine Thick Knit Rug for £56 instead of £70 – The discount will be applied at the checkout.

  • Trey

    Does this happen every single year? If it does i missed last years one so thanks for the heads up. Roll on December 1st is all i say because i am super excited. I love Christmas deals especially after Cyber Monday.

  • Charles

    Now I am intrigued to know what is behind the panels, i guess this is what Christmas is supposed to feel like. The waiting game, the anticipation and hopefully behind panel one tomorrow i get the best deal i have ever had.