A new No7 offer will be available every day this Christmas and for today only if you buy two No7 Shimmer Palettes at £8 each, which is a total of what you need to pay of £16 you will get a FREE gift worth £27 courtesy of Boots.

CLICK HERE for Today’s No7 Christmas Offer

There are two types of No7 Shimmer Palette’s, one is Caramel and the other is Rose, but buy these two for a total of £16 and you get a free £27 gift thrown in. These Pallets were normally priced at £13.50 so at £8 each that is a cool saving of £5.50, this is great because if you only need one then you need only part with £8 and still save but buying two is the better option as you get a FREE pressie.

The free gift is a No7 Stand Out Favourites Gift Box (image below).


You can click right here for more No7 products that are still part of the No7 Christmas Daily Deal at Boots. There are many products but keep checking back for more exciting offers.

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