CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar

The best way to enjoy Christmas is right at the beginning on December 1st when the build up starts, and you can have fun is with the next CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar, which runs for 25 days revealing many little treats behind numbered doors.

For the 2015 CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar Behind door 1 Danger Mouse pops up, and then a question saying, “Not counting Rudolph, how many other reindeer does Santa traditionally have?” the answers included x6, x8 or x800. The with this CBBC Advent Calendar if you get the answer correct you get a little treat, and for door 2 on the 2015 calendar you would get Danger Mouse: Disasteroids game where you have to help the hero and Penfold collect coins to save the planet Midas 7. Of course these things vary each year, but the above gives you an idea of what to expect.

This is a page you will really like because not only will you get updates, the community will also share news, updates, and their time they had with the online interactive calendar. Have you played the CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar yet?

CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar

  • Kevin

    December 4th and today’s question is, “What type pf pie do people traditionally eat at Christmas? If you get the answer right your treat is Hacker and Dodge’s Christmas Awards – Part 1.

  • Daniel

    bwhind door 3 is a wustion, “What are Santa’s workers called?”, when you get the answer right your gift will be Barney’s Christmas Song Challenge, not going to say much more as it will spoil it for the little ones.

  • April

    Behind door 2 is another question, “If you received all the gifts from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, how many gifts would you receive? You get a choice of 364, 372 or 396,000.

  • Kerry

    Will there only be games behind each door of the CBBC Christmas Advent Calendar? Be good to have exclusive shows or toy giveaways.

  • Nancy

    My son uses this each year, we have already played today’s one and we got the question right. He is finding it a little difficulat steering the spaceship to collect the coins though lol.