Interactive CBeebies Advent Calendar

Are you ready for the best CBeebies Advent Calendar? All the little kiddies love CBeebies with its many shows to keep a smile and happiness going, such as Charlie and Lolo, Clangers and many more, plus the ability to play games etc. But, what the kids love the most is the festive online advent calendar and we are here to provide you with all the information you need for the next interactive CBeebies Advent Calendar.

Starting from December 1 there will be a new door with a special Christmas treat; these are all going to be playable so get ready to have fun. Take for example the CBeebies Advent Calendar for 2015; behind door 1 included you having to help two reindeer’s get back to Santas grotto.

Each day will be different and each year even more so, if you do play the interactive CBeebies Advent Calendar please do let us know what are behind the doors by leaving the door number and the treat – thank you.

Interactive CBeebies Advent Calendar

  • Lisa

    Day 2 2016 of the Cbeebies advent calendar and today grandmaster glitch has cover the pyramids with snow, can you clear them?

  • Sinead

    on door number 29 is Topsy and tim

  • Chelsea

    Behind door 4 you will see 4 TeleTubbies and you have to give them a present in the right order of colour. All good fun for the little ones.

  • Nigel

    December 3rd door is a colouring project, all you need to do is use your finger or mouse to colour in the picture.

  • Jane

    There is a Christmas present that needs wrapping behind door 2 (December 2), once you have wrapped it by clciking on the screen you will be allowed to open tomorrows dec 3 door, have fun.

  • Frank

    I am wondering what is behind door number 2, I think I get more excited than the kids because I am intrigued. The CBeebies reindeer game was far too easy for me to do, LOL. I’m kidding my son had so much fun, OK so did I.

  • Karia

    I love the CBeebies Adevent Calendar because my kids are very happy, when my little boy and girl are happy so am i. Always good to see them smiling.