The CES Show is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from JANUARY 5-8, 2017, each year we will change the next CES event dates and update with new information as it happens. Call this your page for the tech news and where you can communicate with others, the Consumer Electronics Show is the largest renowned electronics and technology trade show in the world where people get together to show off some amazing new tech.

CES is held in Las Vegas every year at the Convention Center and it is not open to the general public, but it does bring new announcements, which hopefully you will read here and allowing you to add news to this page within the comments below.

Previous years have proven to be amazing with announcements of 4K curved TVs, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive etc, but can this year’s show bring better? Please remember this page will change each year according to releases and of course dates. If you have a product that will be showing at CES please do provide some information here.

Next CES event news up to April 2021

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