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The Chung Yeung Festival falls on different days in October, in 2015 it falls on the 21st, in 2016 it is October 9th and the 28th in 2017. This always falls on the Ninth Moon (Day 9 lunar month) and families will get together to gather at cemeteries where practices of ancestor worship.

This particular day is said to bring good luck when people trek to the high points in the city. It all began in a Han dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) legend where a man was advised by a soothsayer, he was told to go to high ground with his family on the 9th day of the 9th moon. Legends have it the man agreed and the next day all those in his village had been slaughtered, his family and he survived because they took to the hills.

People celebrate this day in different ways; some have picnics outdoors where special ko cakes are eaten. In Chinese the word ko is similar to top or high, they eat them hoping they will be promoted to higher positions.

How will you be celebrating the Chung Yeung Festival?

Next Chung Yeung Festival

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  • Lam

    How will you be celebrating Chung Yeung Festival 2016? I live in the UK now and wish to know where the best place to celebrate this day.

  • Lam

    The Chung Yeung Festival is like in October, but in April you do have the Ching Ming Festival.

  • Ng

    Kites will be flown in the hills and picnics are laid out with Ko cakes being eaten. I will be going going to the high point of the city to fly a kite.

  • Wu

    Many families will travel to graves to visit their ancestors where they will pay their respects.

  • Annie

    Is it true Chongyang Cakes aka the Flower Cake will be eaten on this special day, if so what is the reason? I feel this is very interesting and would love as answer.