Daffodil Day 2015 support on August 28

Daffodil Day for 2015 is on August 28 this year and this is where you can help raise money for a very good cause. Daffodil Day was put together to raise money for The Cancer Council, being one of the best fundraising events in Australia.

It is all about having no more cancer, finding enough money over a period of time to keep on researching to eradicate or by at least minimizing the amount of people that die each year from this sad disease.

All it takes to be a part of Daffodil Day and fight against cancer is simple, just wear one Cancer Council pin, got to the website link to the right and click on the donate button, This link also shows how you can raise funds and so much more.

Daffodil Day 2015 support on August 28

  • Mark

    This is the first time i have heard of Daffodil Day, wow it is brilliant and a great cause. I lost a few people to cancer its a horrid and slow nasty part of life i would not like to see anymore.

  • Pat

    This is a fantastic cause and I hope everyone backs it up, buy a pin or something it all helps.