Next Destiny Iron Banner event date

When it comes to the next Destiny Iron Banner event date, gamers all around the world will be on the edge of their seats to take full advantage of level rewards and so much more.

The Iron Banner is not like any normal Crucible match; this one is a limited-time event that lasts a whole week. Guardians that wish to take part in this will have to have at least a level 20 – Are you ready to lead a fireteam of 6 guardians in the Iron Banner?

There will be many special bounties along with Iron Banner Reputation up for grabs, go up in the ranks and head on your way to Legendary gear, which will be available in the Tower.

When the next event starts be sure to see many updates here, join in and reply to others in discussing the next Destiny Iron Banner event.

Next Destiny Iron Banner event date

Next Destiny Iron Banner event news up to November 2019

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  • monkeyquest45

    when is the next iron banner in august 2017??????

  • Mark

    Will the Destiny Iron Banner event stop when Destiny 2 releases, or will it carry on like normal just remodeled?

  • Bobby

    YES, if anyone wants to know when the next Iron Banner is on do read on. Destiny’s limited time Iron Banner event is coming back tomorrow 9th May 2017. It will start at 10 AM PT (5PM UK) This event will be called the MAYHEM CLAS and is the first this mode has been used. The event will CLOSE on May 16th.

  • Benny

    Damn I missed this months Iron Banner which was i think on April 11th until the 18th. But I am very much looking forward to Destiny 2 gameplay live stream in May.

  • Carlton

    I am very close to 400 light, but was a shame I missed Iron Banner. What date is the next event?

  • Aaron J T Mills

    i think that due to the hot fix falling on the 14th Feb and if working it out right from the last Iron banner in Jan this date would have also been the Feb iron banner, but i think as there was no announcement for it in the weekly update it will be put back to the 21st Feb inline whith how it rolled out last year putting it back to the last week of every month

  • arran the destiny lover,player

    when is iron banner in feb 2017 !!!!!!!! I need the clever dragon !!!!!!!!!!

  • UK Gaming

    When is iron banner January 2017?

  • Barron

    I think something is going to happen soon on Destiny, the reason i say this is because the tower gate or Iron Banner is open.

  • Carlton

    it is on now and end tomorrow my friend.

  • Gregg

    Only 23 hours left to go and the Iron Banner Control Activity will end. How are you all doing?

  • Victor

    There is an Iron Banner event on right now, it says it started on December 6 and ends tomorrow December 13. What is this limited time event because even I didn’t know about this one.

  • jorge

    When is iron banner on the way back, we hear about everything else but that and so many gamers are askin about WAT TIME IN DECEMBER?!?!?!?!

  • Jeff Swan

    next tuesday the 6th

  • AzrelKnight

    when is iron banner December 2016?????

  • Bustercherry757

    Just use the app and search the bounties by clicking on venders

  • Bustercherry208

    It will not go live during festival of the lost, it never goes live on reset either so it will most likely be either the 8th or 9th of Nov at 1Pm eastern time in USA

  • Monty Rich

    The door always closes after iron banner is over

  • Caden

    Wait for iron banner to come back on and good luck

  • Manowar30

    October Iron Banner already happened. Was from 4rth to 11th. Now I read somewhere that it’s always 4 weeks after the last ended. So next should start on November 8. Exactly after FOTL ends. Can’t wait!

  • MattyH03

    I think iron banner will start at the end off festival of the lost

  • elizepumu

    When is iron banner this month? october 2016?

  • Dennis Blevins

    The door only opens when Iron banner is in session. If you complete the Wrath of the Machine Raid, you can possibly get an Isefyre Token to ignite the courtyard fire that will cast you up to the tower above the door. You can then jump down and open that back door, but Lady Efrideet will not be there until the next Iron Banner which is every month.

  • Ryan Ramos

    My son accidentally deleted something that has to do with the iron banner and now the door that leads to the iron banner is closed. Is there a way I can get it back?

  • Mike

    I am very happy with the new Iron Banner Bounties for Rise of Iron. These were seen recently in the companion app by another gamer. earn 100 points by playing iron banner, 100 points with ability at the iron banner and two more were seen, just search the net for more information.

  • Andy Hedges

    Iron Banner start on a Friday? I think not.

  • Tom

    september the 30th

  • Murd151

    When is the next iron banner event?

  • Dkn_harper

    Have the 2 bugs that caused ToO to be cancelled been fixed yet?

  • Mark

    This was reported yesterday, “The next edition of the Iron Banner competitive gameplay mode begins on
    Tuesday, June 21 at 10:00 am PST. The new session will run for a week
    and end on Tuesday, June 28 at about 2:00 am PST.”

  • Jamie

    Next week the new rewards will be Class Items, PlayStation Class Items, Helmets, PlayStation Helmets, Machine Guns and Scout Rifles.

  • Max

    Iron Banner Clsh is returning next week to Destiny. Are you ready peeps?

  • Goulding

    Get ready for Destiny Rise of the Iron on 20th September 2016. The reveal trailer has been released.

  • Brice Briggs


  • Roddy

    The Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner has been canceled. This is apparently down to the Unlimited Rocket glitch. There has been no confirmed date of when the next ron Banner will be as of yet.

  • Freeman153353


  • Steve

    Is it too late to join the Iron Banner Sparrow Racing event?

  • Jed

    Is there any decent players to join me to Iron banner or raid, please be friendly.

  • Cipher

    Tuesday is the 3rd. not 2nd. So the question is, monday 2nd the event will be up all day long???

  • Simon

    Today is the day the next Destiny Iron Banner event begins. Yes today April 26 at 10 am PT until Tuesday May 2nd at 2AM. Clash will be the mode of choice. Please remember there will be no handing outs of Legendary engrams after the ending of a match. Not too sure this is a god thing – Increased Rank 3 package Artifact to 320 Light Increased Rank 5 package Ghost to 320 Light.

  • Zool

    Not bad at all, First time playing it & I bag a 310 relic, level 312 armor, level 318 shell & a level 316 fancy shotgun.

  • Nick

    I think it’s 10am although I’d prefer 5pm!

  • Jason

    I am looking forward to later where i can play control and earn some cool weapons and armour.

  • Mark

    Sorry, I was supposed to put APRIL 5th not the 12th when it will end. The 12th is when the new Destiny update is coming.

  • Mark

    The next Destiny Iron Banner update will kick off today March 29th at 10 AM PST and will then end April 12th at 2 AM PST, which is 5PM GMT.

  • Clive

    The next Destiny Iron banner event is about to begin soon, I would say it will come after the Destiny 2.2.0 update that is being released April 12th.

  • Jeremy

    We all know that the last Iron Banner used Rift Mode and it is coming back when the next one starts up, plus it looks like Clash is coming back as well, which hasn’t been used since November.

  • Kerran

    Looks like Clash is coming back next week. Iron Banner will be returning Tuesday, February 23 through to the 29th.

  • Benny

    What is this i am hearing about Iron Banner matchmaking updayes? Can someone explain a little please about this.

  • Karl

    Today is the day – Iron Banner Rift goes live today on Tuesday, Jan 26th, 10AM PST and New Matchmaking goes live Wednesday, Jan 27th, 10AM PST.

  • -Skybreaker

    Probably a quickscope double headshot collat.
    It was in Year 1 though, so..

  • -Skybreaker

    Trials no longer matches you with anyone, it’s usually around the same win amt, give or take one or two wins.
    Iron Banner is no longer control alone, but rather will go on any 6v6 maps. The January one on Tuesday will be Rift.

  • -Skybreaker

    It’s not very good.
    Snipers are still the best, either a Wayloran’s March with max stability or a 1000 Yard Stare will do you good.
    I roll with a Harrowed Quillim’s, Bad Juju and 99 stability Wayloran’s March, gets the job done on all maps.

    I’d recommend The Last Word or something else with high fire rate, and low time to kill if you’re rolling a sniper, however. Eyasluna and scout rifles won’t do much good when you’re up against a shotgun rusher.

  • Neil

    What is the destiny iron banner gameplay like on Pantheon with Red Death? I have seen a few videos but they are rather boring and quick, would be better to get someones honest review.

  • Jimbo

    Is the Destiny Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris getting any changes soon, i have heard they are?

  • Simon

    is anyone excited being in the world of Destiny? The new Sparrow Racing League is releasing today and we are guessing the next challenge mode will be awesome. Has anyone got it yet?

  • Bustamuns

    Got some great drops from the packages in November, want the next one to start already

  • Editor

    What’s the best Destiny Iron Banner moment for you?

  • Branden

    I was looking for destiny iron banner gear for October 2015. Also been asking “when does iron banner start”, but the guy before answered that for me, cheers.

  • Luke

    It’s iron banner day everyone with the Taken King DLC in Destiny, Happy weekly restart day.

  • Steve

    The Destiny servers will go down for maintenance at 5PM UK time and return at 7PM. Once they are back up, you will see the Iron Banner start, so I would say the time will be 7PM or just after. There’s also a patch to download and install for all platforms.

  • Ben

    What time does the destiny iron banner start on Oct 13? I heard there’s some server maintenance later today.

  • Kery

    I am going to of course play way more Crucible when the Iron Banner comes back.

  • Iain

    I am so hoping for a surprise iron banner destiny. Is the Iron Banner actually returning to Destiny.

  • Craig

    Is there any chance Bungie will add Rift into the next Destiny Iron Banner?

  • Bunty

    I watched a video titled, 35 kills with 25 killstreak in Iron Banner and yet they still lose. Has anyone seen this video its crazy man.

  • Chris

    What is this Destiny ARMSDAY, is this similar to the Iron Banner event?

  • Maurice

    What is the best Ps4 theme and Destiny Iron Banner shelf cover you have ever seen?

  • Yanique

    When will Iron Banner return in the Destiny game?

  • Joanne

    Dates would be good Bungie as I will book my holiday around this event as i want to be a part of it.

  • Clive

    I actually missed the last banner event, so please do drop some dates so I do not miss the next Iron Banner event.

  • Nigel

    What date is the next Destiny Iron Banner event? I cannot remember when it is on next as I would love to take part.