Download Festival 2018 Tickets

The Download Festival in say 2016 had a huge lineup including the likes of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, MegaDeath, Deftones and many more. Now we are all gearing up for the 2018 Download Festival.

The Download Rock Festival 2018 kicks off on 8-10 June, with the likes of Guns n’ Roses, Avenged Sevenfold & Ozzy Osbourne and many more lined-up.

There are many Download Festival ticket options, such as ‘5 Nights Camping’, 2 Nights Camping’, ‘Weekend Arena Only’, ‘Day Tickets Arena Only, plus you can buy ‘VIP Tickets’ – Buy Tickets now here.

In 2015 the festival had big names such as Slipknot, Kiss, Motley Cue and so many more, this is music to the ears you do not want to miss. This page is where all the Download Festival community can get together and have their say in the comments; please do share your history with this festival.

Download Festival 2018 Tickets

Next Download Festival event news up to November 2019

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  • Tristian

    Only a few days now and it all kicks off, i am going for all days and looking forward to it.

  • Carl

    I so want to go to the Download Fest but it is just too expensive for me to travel down from Scotland, then buy tickets, then stay there being it camping or hotel and even then hotels will charge a fortune.

  • Sinita

    Can someone let me know where I can by the Download Fest Christmas jumper please, I would very much like one of these?

  • Toby

    It seems Kiss are not going to be there this year, unless they have not yet been added to the download festival lineup. Does anyone know if Kiss and Slipknot will be there this year?