When is the next EE mobile Phone Flash Sale Event? If this is a question you would like answered then we suggest book-marking this page, because this is where details will be posted within the comments area below. The EE Flash Sale happens a few times a year where you get massive savings at EE.co.uk.

When the EE Flash Sale Event begins they only last a few hours, so it is about shopping smartly and fast as not to miss out on a huge deal. If you click on the right you can sign up with EE to be alerted when the next one begins, or you can just follow us.

During one sale EE offered its customers the iPhone 6S 16GB, which included unlimited texts, 1000 minutes and 2GB of data for just£24.99 a month, customers did have to pay £50 upfront. All they had to do was enter the discount code EeiPhone16 and they got the phone and EE Plan for just £650, the phone alone at Apple was priced at £539. Watch out for the Flash Sale details below along with other phone and sim deals. If you are waiting for the EE Black Friday sale then please visit here.

Next EE Flash Sale event news up to April 2021

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