Next EGX London gaming event

What was called Eurogamer Expo is now simply called ‘EGX’, and is predominantly held in September. EGX is a huge event that takes place in the UK that highlights video games from around the world. It is where fans can find out the latest news in both PC and console games.

Ok, so when is the EGX London gaming event? Well, between 2008 and 2012 the EGX gaming event was called Eurogamer Expo and was held anytime between October and September, but then it was renamed to EGX and is mostly held in September. So in a nutshell bookmark this page because September is only around the corner.

There is a smaller event called Rezzed, which caters mainly for PC and indie gaming held in March. The event holds presentations from the best studios in the world by the top designers as well as playable games and much more.

Next EGX London gaming event

Next EGX London gaming event news up to November 2019

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  • Victor

    This year the event begins 20th and ends 23 SEPT 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham.

  • Trudy

    Train tickets are stupidly expensive to get to this event from where i am in Liverpool. Maybe I should wait for cheaper advanced tickets.

  • Ian

    is anyone selling tickets for the EGX gaming event in London? So want a ticket but I think they have all sold out.

  • Kirk

    The next EGX event will be kicking off on April 7, until 9th April 2016. Day tickets are £10, super pass for 3 days in £30. Check out more ticket prices by clicking the link top right on this page.

  • Carlos

    What is the date and times for 2016 as would really love to go to the EGX London gaming event, have you any idea what will be featuring?

  • Jonas

    What did people think of the cool PlayStation VR at the EGX 2015 gaming event? This is set to release in 2016 and I think I will buy one just to say I have one.

  • Alan

    mmmmm Star Wars Battlefront will be at the EGX gaming event in September.

  • Garry

    Will FIFA 16 be playable at the EGX this year? I will play it and beat everyone lol.

  • Lizzie

    I so got to go to the EGX event this year, keep missing it and its mental. This time round i will be there you mark my words.