Next Expansys UK Sale Event

Expansys are always having a sale online, but these can vary such as clearance deals whereby they add 10% price drops every Wednesday, not forgetting the Black Friday UK sale event, which gets everyone excited. Of course these are just a few to name from the top of our heads. So when is the next Expansys UK sale?

Here is where you will find out when a sale is on as well as the deals they have for you. The one we like very much is when they start its up to 50% off tablet sale, if you are in need of a new laptop, phablet or any accessories then look no further than Expansys online.

Price cuts happen fairly often on the website on many items such as the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, or maybe you fancy a new smartphone but at a lower price. If this is the case keep checking back here within the comments for updates on Expansys sale events.

Next Expansys UK Sale Event

Next Expansys UK Sale event news up to November 2019

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  • Jackie

    Expansys website no longer exists, whats going on? How can we buy stuff now…

  • Patrick

    I would very much like the CAT S60 smartphone with 32GB but at just under £530 that is not going to happen, drop the price please.

  • Donna

    There are no real good deals on at the moment with Expansys, So I am guessing the next big sale will be on 25th November 2016, which is when the Black Friday UK sale begins continuing on to Cyber Monday.