Next FFXIV event

Final Fantasy XIV events happen on a regular basis, and right here you will see all the next FFXIV event dates as they happen by the FF community. We will of course keep you up-to-date as well.

FFXIV is a MMORPG for players on the Microsoft Windows platform published by Square Enix; it is the 14th game in the series where players create their own avatars. It is then they take on the Garlean Empire.

FFXIV events are regular, for example in 2013 there were 4 events called Starlight Celebration, Lightning Strikes, All Saints’ Wake and Moonfire Faire. In 2014 there were 13, and in 2015 there are 5, which include Moonfire Faire, Hatching-tide, Little Ladies, as well as Valentione’s Day and Heavanstrurn.

What is your next FFXIV event you are looking forward to the most?

Next FFXIV event

Next FFXIV event news up to November 2019

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When is the next FFXIV event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Barnes

    The Moonfire Faire event started on August 8 and ends on August 26, 2107. This is the summer themed event that i was looking forward to.

  • Nancy

    Just so everyone knows the next main FFXIV event will be the scheduled maintenance set for May 25th, 2016. This is for PSN users only. The time will be 4:30 to 6:30 (GMT).

  • Marsha

    When is the next FFXIV event, the last one i can recall was in December, could you please let me know when the next one is and what it will be?

  • Mark (Editor)

    The next FFXIV event is called the ‘Starlight Celebration’ and will be held on December 18, 2015 to December 31, this is a Christmas-themed seasonal event. Players will be able to start the event from the days given by simply talking to Collys in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks.

  • Grant

    So when is the next FFXIV quest if all saints was the last?

  • Andrea

    The last FFXIV event was the “All Saints’ Wake” which was the Halloween themed event held October 22 until November 4, 2015. Players had to be level 20 or over to play these quests.

  • Donny

    How come none of the events ever give you level 1 weapons? Be good to have the giant fan.

  • Chrisstie

    How long does the FFXOV party go on for? Would love to know.

  • Jerry

    It looks like the FFXIV event has begun, looks like i missed a lot of it but hey ho i am here now.

  • Chan

    Is it wrong to say i started Culinarian because of the FFXIV summer event?