FIFA 18 events for promo packs

Welcome to our FIFA 18 events page for promo packs and Happy Hour Times, the place to find out when these special packs of ultimate team cards are up for purchase by coins / FIFA points during special events. These are only available at certain times of the year during the likes of Happy Hour, and normally this type of event come at little notice other than via a tweet over on

Some of promo packs in the past included ‘Gold Contracts Pack’ at a cost of 800 coins (FIFA Points), as these are very rare indeed and less than 5 times per year. There was also ‘Rare Consumables Pack’ at 20.000 coins (400 FIFA Points), 20K Prime Electrum Players Packs etc. There were many more you could choose from such as Consumables Pack, Silver Upgrade Pack etc.

This is the page for all the latest news on FIFA 18 events for promo packs, bookmark this page and of course add any information about new promo packs below.

FIFA 18 events for promo packs

Next FIFA 18 event news up to December 2019

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  • Maxx

    I am so looking forward to FIFA 17 events, especially the day of September 27th when the new FIFA 17 will be released on all platforms. Well saying that its releasing 27th in North America and the 29th worldwide.

  • Joana

    When will the MSL All Stars Players Release begin?

  • Casey

    Fifa is always down lately, so who cares about any fifa event.

  • Chuner

    I am so waiting for the next event, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare with the game being down for a few hours.

  • Jackson

    Yes at last, the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team of The Week has now been announced, if you visit Product-Reviews .net they have just updated its site. Go take a peek.

  • Ry Pinto

    One thing I’ve been disappointed in is the lack of an in form Rodriguez. Pique was right there with him until he finally got his in form. I think Miranda’s body of work called for a bump…but as you saw..wasn’t much. I think Alba is another one that should have an in form card as well. David Silva..Definitely a lot of player values higher than they should be. More so than last year. But, yeah..I think the size of the upgrade for Miranda was more of a market activity move more than deserving the increase in general. The TOTS in May is going to be a good time..Hopefully it brings the excitement and interest back to the Transfer Marker

  • Jacob

    Just out of curiosity, what did people think of the FUT 16 winter upgrades? Do you think Miranda should be 85 with inform?

  • Joey Joykill


  • Dave

    When in the next FIFA 16 live event, whilst on the subject what do peopl ethink of EA Sports FIFA 16 25,000 coin promo packs?

  • Toby

    I have been having issues purchasing promo packs, all I get to see is a message saying they have expired. Is this a problem my end of their end?

  • Carlton

    Is there any new FIFA 16 promo packs, been looking and not able to find any.

  • Garry

    I have gone through opening many FIFA 16 packs and still not got a high rate player. Nightmare.

  • Jarrad

    All the promo packs are like costing 4 times what they should cost on my iPhone, this is to do with FIFA 15.

  • Larry

    Bit of a nightmare that I just got my new packs and cannot even use them. Hopefully I get a full refund.

  • Pat

    I’m hope it’s this month because I have been saving coins and I’m now at 15k

  • James

    Personally, I prefer to trade for the best places rather than open loads of packs and spend too many coins with getting nothing.

  • Marlon

    I am hoping it will be this month, but not too sure at the moment as no official news over on EA Sports Twitter account has popped up.

  • Jamie

    Out of curiosity, will say the loan player pack work on mobile devices?

  • Ted

    Yeah, I would also like to know when the FIFA 16 special packs are coming out. There is no information anywhere.

  • Garry

    The last FIFA Happy Hour was in July if I am not mistaken, So when is the next FIFA 16 event for promo packs?