Welcome to our FIFA 18 events page for promo packs and Happy Hour Times, the place to find out when these special packs of ultimate team cards are up for purchase by coins / FIFA points during special events. These are only available at certain times of the year during the likes of Happy Hour, and normally this type of event come at little notice other than via a tweet over on twitter.com/easportsfifa.

Some of promo packs in the past included ‘Gold Contracts Pack’ at a cost of 800 coins (FIFA Points), as these are very rare indeed and less than 5 times per year. There was also ‘Rare Consumables Pack’ at 20.000 coins (400 FIFA Points), 20K Prime Electrum Players Packs etc. There were many more you could choose from such as Consumables Pack, Silver Upgrade Pack etc.

This is the page for all the latest news on FIFA 18 events for promo packs, bookmark this page and of course add any information about new promo packs below.

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