Next FIFA Football World Cup and news

We are all about the next FIFA Football World Cup and news, and it is all in one place just for you. This is where you can have your say and discuss whatever is on your mind, it only happens every four years but we know you would like to chat about national teams, where will the next FIFA World Cup be held as the years go on and much more.

The FIFA World Cup is the football competition everyone watches, if you love the sport then this is the event of all events when it comes to football. The first ever tournament was held in 1930, the World Cup didn’t take place during the Second World War between 1942 and 1946. In 2014 Germany won in Brazil with its fourth title under its belt.

Who will win the next World Cup? In 2018 Russia will host the event, 32 national teams will come together, which includes 64 matches at 12 venues with the final taking place in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium.

Next FIFA Football World Cup and news

Next FIFA World Cup event news up to September 2018

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  • Vic

    Yes this is the year when 64 games will begin from Thursday 14 June.

  • Robbie

    Such a long time to wait for the 2018 FIFA World Cup being held in Russia 14th June – 15th July. Who do you think will win the world cup – be realistic lol.

  • Bobby

    How far do you think England will go in the World Cup. Can they win the finals for the first time since the sixties?

  • Buzz

    American Samoa be Cook Islands 2 – 0. What are your qualifier predictions of other teams?

  • Michael

    I see that thousands on Twitter are wanting @FIFAWorldCup to shame the #faroes who qualified for the FIFA World Cup for slaughtering whales. What are your views, please do use bad language thanks you or the admins will ban you.

  • Minty

    Apparently it has been confirmed that RoY Hodgson has unveiled his England squad. But this is surley not true unless he is using the same squad as 2015. The image i am seeing on Twitter says 2014 but was posted today.

  • Kennedy

    In 2018 surely England has to get into the final, it is about time we won the world cup seeing as we haven’t since the 60’s. What chance do you think we have?