Find Your Race For Life 2016

With over 300 events across the UK it is time to get ready to help by taking part in the Race for Life 2016 event. It is time to show cancer that you are not afraid and that you will help reduce it, are you ready to be a woman in pink and take part to help the world’s leading charity, Cancer Research UK?

Cancer Research UK was set up to help beat cancer with extensive research, and by donating and taking part in such events they can discover new ways to prevent, treat and diagnose cancer. There are over 400 people each day being diagnosed with cancer and they have survived the disease for more than 10 years thanks to research and with over 200 different types of cancer everyone can make a difference.

Race for Life 2016 is now open for those wishing to enter, and if you wish to take part in the event you can do so right here by searching your location (Please make sure you have clicked on ‘2016’. Our Example: We searched ‘Bristol’ then clicked on ‘2016’ once you have done that you will see many different races, such as the 5K, 10K, Pretty Muddy 5K and 10K, as well as the Half and Full Marathon.

Once you have done your location search you will see the different types of events, where they are being held and what time they will start. Sign up right now and make a difference, all the best with your run, hopefully you can find your Race for Life 2016 dates. Are you taking part in the Cancer Research Race for Life?

Find Your Race For Life 2016

  • Beatrix

    Always make a stand and never beg for money, run for a life and you will make steps closer in help cancer research uk. I am making the stand are you? To all those going through the nightmare, love you all lots and lets fight this together, you do not need to be alone.

  • Jessica

    I will always support this and I have done a few Race for Life races now, the hardest was the 10K muddy one, wow that was hard work but no where near has hard as someone going through cancer, I lost my auntie and a few friends to the disease and we will always find a way.