The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2015 for new quests normally takes place in October, in 2014 it was on the 22nd, in 2015 it is October 26. Are you ready for Mr Jack O’Lantern? The scary monsters and ghosts are coming to your favourite game where riddles and quests will arrive for you to solve.

Be sure to bookmark this page because here the quests will be added when they go live, this is the Forge of Empires Halloween Event community page where you can discuss until your heart is content. Many prizes and rewards will be up for grabs, and Jack O’Lantern will be waiting to embark horror and terror upon you.

In 2014 the Halloween event had 16 main quests for Forge of Empires players to complete, there was the ‘Prepare for Halloween’ decorate or die! Solution where you could build any 5 decorations (Reward: Random Reward), there was another called ‘Goods or grief!’ this solution included finding 24 goods (Any Age) and the reward was the Random Reward.

Normally the quests by Jack O’ Lantern comes with a riddle, and if you get them you will either get a named reward or something random. Have fun; Are you looking forward to the Forge of Empires Halloween Event?

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