Forge of Empires Halloween Event for new quests

The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2015 for new quests normally takes place in October, in 2014 it was on the 22nd, in 2015 it is October 26. Are you ready for Mr Jack O’Lantern? The scary monsters and ghosts are coming to your favourite game where riddles and quests will arrive for you to solve.

Be sure to bookmark this page because here the quests will be added when they go live, this is the Forge of Empires Halloween Event community page where you can discuss until your heart is content. Many prizes and rewards will be up for grabs, and Jack O’Lantern will be waiting to embark horror and terror upon you.

In 2014 the Halloween event had 16 main quests for Forge of Empires players to complete, there was the ‘Prepare for Halloween’ decorate or die! Solution where you could build any 5 decorations (Reward: Random Reward), there was another called ‘Goods or grief!’ this solution included finding 24 goods (Any Age) and the reward was the Random Reward.

Normally the quests by Jack O’ Lantern comes with a riddle, and if you get them you will either get a named reward or something random. Have fun; Are you looking forward to the Forge of Empires Halloween Event?

Forge of Empires Halloween Event for new quests

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  • Clive

    The Forge of Empires Halloween Event for 2017 is coming, its just not yet been confirmed with the days. But I do know it starts in October and finishes in November. This is a seasonal event and we cannot wait – what are you expecting this year?

  • Simon

    Seems to be bad in my eyes, all this hard work for very low reward after completion. Would you work this hard for this?

  • Mark (Editor)

    At last the Forge of Empires Halloween 2016 event has started, which runs from 20 October until 3 November. This is an event that happens yearly and the quests as usual are presented by none other than jack O’Lantern, but unlike say last year these will now be on a continuous pattern with no delays in between. What we really love this time round is the fact not all of the quests will come with riddles. There are 22 quests with an Over All Quest. All rewards are random, quests are very cool such as quest 1 where you have to Finish 20 productions in production buildings” and Spend 12 Forge Points. Please do check out the full list of quests here >

  • Chris

    What is Tribal Wars 2 like? I want to play this but do not want to mess around if its rubbish, s please do let me know before i waste my time.

  • Jack

    The forge of empires winter event 2015 has begun, it runs from November 26 until January 5, 2016. Have fun and enjoy. Yiu will need stars to open presents. More information via wikia.

  • Mark

    Loved the Milquetoast quest with its riddle. This one is – “What the heck, it is Jack! My riddles you crack, you answer me back and get some knick-knack! Now, go build some stack”. You then do the normal “Decorate or Die” task like we see every year. For the answer go and visit Product Reviews –

  • Mark

    If you are after the full Forge of Empires Halloween quests list for 2015 look no further than They have already listed Boo, Fraidy-Cat, Five by Four of Four by Five, Polite Seizing and Land or Loser. Look here right now for the full details of each of these, they will also add more as they becme available –

  • Brian

    Its rubbish you cannot do all quests in one day, someone said to me you have to wait hours to play the next one.

  • Macy

    If you do well you will be happy to know the Mad Scientist’s Lab will end up in your inventory. Just follow his instructions well and you will be fine.

  • Tony

    Jack O’Lantern where you solve the Halloween riddles, if you do you get rewarded with Mad Scientist’s Lab.

  • Harry

    Hurry up already, we got like 4 more days and we get the new update. So looking forward to this. Happy Halloween.

  • Barry

    it would be really good if I could find the haunted house a lot easier this year.

  • Mike

    It would be good to see any kind of Iron Age goods this year, fingers crossed hey.

  • Kelly

    Will this page show Forge of Empires missions of Halloween?

  • Julian

    Yes, I am looking forward to the quests. It will begin on October 26 and will run until November 10.