Next Overwatch Halloween Terror Event

Each year the next Overwatch Halloween Event gets better with age and this time round it is all about the 'Terror'.

Next Overwatch Halloween Terror Event2017-10-10T07:11:26-00:30

Next Pokemon Go Event

Pokemon Go is one of those games that took the world by storm, especially here in the UK and this one holds special events during the year.

Next Pokemon Go Event2017-05-09T08:07:07-00:30

Sony PlayStation VR Sale and Stock Checker

When it comes to finding the Sony PlayStation VR gaming headset in stock you will find it rather hard. Stay alerted right here when stock becomes available.

Sony PlayStation VR Sale and Stock Checker2017-01-04T09:22:14-00:30

Next OSRS Christmas Event

So, it is that time of year again when gamers get ready for the OSRS Christmas Event, and each year is different in the way things are done.

Next OSRS Christmas Event2016-12-14T12:18:40-00:30

Next Runescape Christmas Event

Each year the next ‘Runescape Christmas Event’ just gets better where the quest episodes get you gripped where rewards are given.

Next Runescape Christmas Event2015-12-09T12:26:29-00:30

Next BlizzCon Gaming Event

If you want to know all about the next BlizzCon gaming event look no further than Event Next.

Next BlizzCon Gaming Event2015-11-04T11:44:23-00:30

Next GTA V Halloween event update

Each year there will be a new update to celebrate the scary season, but what can we expect in the next GTA V Halloween event update?

Next GTA V Halloween event update2015-10-20T21:20:36-00:30

Forge of Empires Halloween Event for new quests

The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2015 for new quests normally takes place in October, in 2014 it was on the 22nd, in 2015 it is October 26.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event for new quests2018-01-09T09:10:59-00:30

FIFA 18 events for promo packs

Welcome to our FIFA 18 events page for promo packs, the place to find out when these special packs of ultimate team cards are up for purchase by coins / FIFA points during special events.

FIFA 18 events for promo packs2018-01-09T09:10:46-00:30

League of Legends event VODs

League of Legends VODs are the best way to follow your favourite team, it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest offerings, highlights, recaps and so much more for each tournament game.

League of Legends event VODs2018-01-09T08:18:53-00:30

Next EGX London gaming event

What was called Eurogamer Expo is now simply called ‘EGX’, and is predominantly held in September.

Next EGX London gaming event2018-01-09T08:18:23-00:30

Next Gamescom event date

The next Gamescom event date is always in August, so bookmark august right now so you do not miss the largest gaming trade fair.

Next Gamescom event date2018-01-09T08:17:36-00:30

Next E3 event date

Electronic Entertainment Expo event known better as the E3 event is all about the "Experience the Evolution" and comes round once a year.

Next E3 event date2018-01-09T08:17:10-00:30

Next FFXIV event

Final Fantasy XIV events happen on a regular basis, and right here you will see all the next FFXIV event dates as they happen by the FF community.

Next FFXIV event2018-01-09T08:16:44-00:30

Next Destiny Iron Banner event date

When it comes to the next Destiny Iron Banner event date, gamers all around the world will be on the edge of their seats to take full advantage of level rewards.

Next Destiny Iron Banner event date2018-01-09T08:15:38-00:30