Next Great British Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival simply known as GBBF is for those that love real ales, perries, beers and ciders, which is organised by the Campaign for Real Ale. Believe it or not there are over 900 of these and people in Britain love to attend this event so that they can ascertain their ideal pint.

So when is the next Great British Beer Festival? Well, this is mostly held each year in August with its sister festival the National Winter Ales Festival being held every January. The GBBF has been held at the Olympia, London many times with the last 4 being held there. Before that other places have included Earls Court, London, Queens Hall, Leeds and many more.

At the Great British Beer Festival there are normally somewhere around 350 British breweries attending with seating areas, entertainment, pub games, food and so much more. Who will become the Beer of Britain champion?

Next Great British Beer Festival

Next Great British Beer Festival event news up to November 2019

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  • James

    This year the event will start on August 7th until 11 August 2018.

  • Ian

    Who is going to the Great British Beer Festival 2016? Lets all meet up and have a laugh, this is such a happy fun event.

  • Ally

    The next great british beer festival event is 9 – 13 August 2016. There are 187 days to go but the good new is, you can buy your tickets right now.

  • Brian

    Looks like the 2015 website has gone, but they have put up the next Great British Beer Festival 2016 website is coming soon.

  • Jacki

    My week was fantastic because it all started of the with Great British Beer Festival. Have some of that me friends.

  • Basil

    Got to miss GBBF today as at the London Craft Beer Festival, but not to worry i will be at the GBBF tomoz.

  • Marissa

    How much are the GBBF tickets for one day, and is it cheaper to go for more days rather than one?

  • Tommy

    I have only been here half a day and wow what a fantastic day. Wish i knew about this before. From now on i will be coming every year. Fantastic day out or more if you want.

  • Cliff

    Can I still get tickets to the Great British Beer Festival, i so want to go. Do i get tickets direct from website or can i just turn up?