Each year there will be a new update to celebrate the scary season, but what can we expect in the next GTA V Halloween event update? Rockstar always surprises us with Halloween update in Grand Theft Auto Online, and you know for sure there will be new face paints, vehicles and masks etc.

Leaks always get released online and we have to just judge if they are the real deal or not, but here on ‘Event Next’ we will be listing all the real official Halloween GTA updates as of when they are released.

For 2015 the Lowrider Halloween-themed items include 12 brand new masks, new vehicles called the Lurcher and BType2, as well as a new flashlight weapon and more. But as usual each year will be different – What would you like in the next GTA V Halloween update for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC?

New Halloween DLC for GTA Online are normally included in new patch updates, but the content is normally released to the public for download closer to Halloween.

Next GTA V Halloween Update event news up to May 2021

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