Next GTA V Halloween event update

Each year there will be a new update to celebrate the scary season, but what can we expect in the next GTA V Halloween event update? Rockstar always surprises us with Halloween update in Grand Theft Auto Online, and you know for sure there will be new face paints, vehicles and masks etc.

Leaks always get released online and we have to just judge if they are the real deal or not, but here on ‘Event Next’ we will be listing all the real official Halloween GTA updates as of when they are released.

For 2015 the Lowrider Halloween-themed items include 12 brand new masks, new vehicles called the Lurcher and BType2, as well as a new flashlight weapon and more. But as usual each year will be different – What would you like in the next GTA V Halloween update for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC?

New Halloween DLC for GTA Online are normally included in new patch updates, but the content is normally released to the public for download closer to Halloween.

Next GTA V Halloween event update

Next GTA V Halloween Update event news up to November 2019

To find out about the latest GTA V Halloween Update rumors and news, see reports below.

When is the next GTA V Halloween Update event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • cortes84spartan(XboxONE)

    A Zombie Game Mod would be AMAZING !!! And Play to this Zombie Mod with the ARENA WAR Vehicles…

  • Kaaksksk

    Will there be the sorrow demon face paint?

  • Daniel

    What date and day is the old Halloween dlc coming out for 2017 from 2016 such as the LCC SANCTUS and the Albany lurcher and the franken stange coming back for 2017 this year from 2016 or 2015

  • Jason

    wow i must have been busy because its already released and i missed it. Doh.

  • Jason

    I am so looking forward to the Smuggler’s Run DLC update.

  • Chase

    The next GTA 5 Halloween content edition is nearly with us, any ideas what we can expect this year of 2017?

  • SweetAngel

    I’m guessing there won’t be any updates for xbox 360 users? I really hope so though. Not all of us can afford a new system every few years. But we still love our Rockstar games and GTA. There’s still a thriving community of 360 users.

  • Atasoy Metin


  • Valley Reapz

    It is not still out where is it

  • when will it finish ?

  • Kyran

    I want the update now !!!!!!!

  • Chris Long

    Where is this tron bike at

  • Chris Long

    Where is this from bike at

  • Lol

    Its coming at 11am in uk

  • savvas k

    is it out yet?

  • Raymond rees

    what date is the update for halloween coming out in uk gta 5

  • Valley Reapz


  • Kyran

    Will it come out at 12 am uk time?

  • Rebeka Lauva


  • Valley Reapz

    When is it come out know

  • Fernando José Prado

    Friday!?!?!?! wtf

  • I know this

    Comes out at 8:00pm for sure tonight

  • Ashleigh-Tina

    It’s coming on Friday I just see it on rockstar

  • Fernando José Prado

    I received a few seconds ago Rockstar Tweet. “Halloween update” this week, probably not today. Our Bro was right, maybe Thursday!

  • Rich

    What time for western U.S

  • Richard


  • Valley Reapz

    Rockstar tome my 4 . 3 bill wtf

  • Ashleigh-tina

    How can a Halloween update come out after Halloween?

  • Valley Reapz

    It is the last Tuesday

  • Fernando José Prado

    huuuummmmmm maybe it happened again.

  • Fernando José Prado

    November 01???? kkkkkkkk

  • Fernando José Prado

    Rockstar talked a lot about this DLC,today is the last Tuesday of the month and usually the updates happens in this day, now is 1h00 pm (Brazil), I was online until now and where’s the awesome Halloween DLC?

  • Valley Reapz

    Is it out for USA

  • Randy Moreland

    The Halloween DLC came out on a Thursday last year.

  • Mr Dutchy

    it meant to come out today but knowing rock star they will soon change their mind like they do has we all know but from what I know they have updated it a little but its still unsure when it will be on GTA 5 Online ??

  • Ian John Brown

    The 2016 Halloween update should’ve been out about three hours ago I still think it will be out soon but it might not be out until after 12 AM AEST

  • Valley Reapz

    What time is it out in UK

  • Casper1777 FTW

    Really….that’s actually wierd

  • Harry

    Does anyone know for sure if the 2016 Halloween update is out today. And if so when is the time period

  • Road Rage

    how much later?

  • Lol

    the dlc is coming out today but later

  • Kern

    Does anybody know if the GTA Halloween DLC is coming out today? Hate the waiting and not knowing now.

  • Craig

    I am starting to wonder if the Red Dead tease is actually the Halloween costume pack for GTA V.

  • Amy

    Is it coming today???

  • Ramon

    Is THE dlc comming Tomorrow?

  • Brandon

    Is this for sure

  • ryley deves

    it comes out tuesday around 5am in america and unsure in UK

  • Nancy

    when is the Halloween DLC coming out?

  • I hope they’ll add spooky, dark weather theme. For free mode, whole Halloween night.

  • Lori

    From today October 17th 2016 fans can get their hands on new GTA dollars cash back bobues, these are on things such as the Megalodon Shark Card, Great White, Whale or Bull. Here is the list Bull Shark – 15% money back (GTA$75,000) Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000) Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000) Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000)

  • Kevin

    Xbox One and PS4 gamers, there is going to be a new GTA 5 Rockstar update and Halloween surprise coming soon. Spooky content is normally the thing this time of year and this time round there will be a new biker-themed adversary mode. There will also be angels and devils – are you ready for the expansion pack. The biker dlc is ready now and comes in at a huge 2GB.

  • Anonymous

    The tec-9 is the machine pistol.

  • Bethany

    The biker DLC is launching today.

  • Kane

    GTA 5 Online’ Biker DLC launching October 18 and apparently the Halloween DLC is included.

  • Jed

    Will Rockstar be bringing back the GTA Halooween DLC pack this year 2016? Rekon they should also bring back the Sorrow Demon too.

  • hugh janis

    dis chat is ghey

  • crazym

    so new wicked hot rods maybe the ghost buster 59 Cadillac skull body hot rod zztop cadzilla

  • Lol

    They are definetly gonna add a chainsaw maybe a new trick r treat mode

  • Orson

    What dio gamers think of The Joker in GTA V Halloween DLC? AND What can 2016 bring to the table?

  • Jamie

    When is the GTA Online Halloween DLC releasing? I cannot wait now.

  • Simon

    GTA Online Halloween DLC release time is not too far away now my friends. Please do have a discussing of what you would like or expecting.

  • Mark

    is this actually downloadable right now?

  • Macy

    I love all this theme stuff, and so looking forward in downloading the new GTA 5 Halloween DLC.

  • Nigel

    What date can we actually get the official GTA V Halloween Update? It was detailed in the patch version 1.30 but that’s not ready for download yet the Halloween part.

  • Gary

    I actually wait for Christmas Halloween GTA DLC rather than Halloween, find it rather boring.

  • Jimmy

    is there a new gun in the Halloween update possibly the Tec-9?