Harry Potter Hogwarts in the Snow

Welcome to Hogwarts in the Snow where you will get to see The Making of Harry Potter all covered in the white stuff thanks to Warner Bros Studio Tour London, each year the studio opens up to all with prices as normal but with the extra edition of more snow and with the element of Christmas.

Hogwarts 2015 dates started from Friday 13th November to Sunday 31st January 2016, but of course these dates can change each year so please bookmark this page to stay up to date with updates and comments from other visitors.

It is now winter at Hogwarts and the Great Hall has plenty of Christmas spirit with 8 huge trees and many lights etc. Christmas puddings are laid out; there are also festive scenes. Hogwarts in the wine is covered in snow and with the lights twinkling it looks amazing. There are many different types of snow as well and you can get to touch, these are the ones made for filming.

We will not give too much away, so for more information and option to buy tickets for Harry Potter Hogwarts in the Snow please visit the official wbstudiotour.co.uk.

Did you know, you can also see the amazing replica of platform 9 ¾ where the Hogwarts Express is stationed? For more information please visit here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts in the Snow

  • Mark

    Are there like special tickets where you get drink and food plus other goodies thrown in. Yiu know where you feel like you are being treated with extras?

  • Janie

    I have now been to Happy Potter Studios three times and have seen the Hogwarts Express and the Great Hall Doors and much more, but this weekend I am going the Hogwarts in the Snow, at LASTTTTTT.

  • Marie

    I am sitting here on my hone on the way to see Hogwarts in the Snow at Harry Potter studios. I am so looking forward to this, its going to be so much fun and festive to put me on the Christmas spirit.