Next Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

When is the next Harvest Festival? We here at ‘Event Next’ are here to provide you with the information you need on the Harvest Festival for Original Art & Craft Shows. This is an event that welcomes thousands of people across different locations such as Del Mar, San Mateo, Sacramento, San Jose and Pomona.

There are always thousands of embellished and handmade American art & crafts within many booths that are erected for the event. There is plenty of entertainment on a daily basis along with food, kids activity center, photography, clothing, jewellery, as well as lovely music hand-turned wood products and more.

The Harvest Festival no matter what location is always over a 3-day period, you can buy tickets online via (Link top right on this page). When you turn up to the event you simply get your hand stamped so you can return when you please without having to pay again on the day. Have you got any Harvest Festival ideas?

Upcoming Harvest Festival Locations / Dates for 2016: (Click on the image below to make larger)


Next Harvest Festival event news up to May 2018

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