Next Hatchimals Egg Toy Sale and UK Stock

If you are looking for the next Hatchimals Egg toy sale and UK stock then look no further than ‘Event Next‘. This is where updates will be shown in what stores have these magical creatures on their shelves in store and online. Are you looking for Penguala Pink, Teal, Bearakeet or Draggles Green or Purple etc? If you are then keep checking back here to see where they are on sale.

Hatchimals are creatures that live inside of eggs that need attention, these are interactive and need caring and love, which also make cute sounds allowing you to know how they feel. Once they have been played with enough you will see colourful eyes then they will peck at the shell and hatch.

Once they hatch you can teach them to walk and talk as well as play games. If you do see these toys in stock online or in-store (let others know if you saw online or in-store) as well as adding the name of the store and what types are for sale. This is where you will find stock as well as the next Hatchimals toy sale when live.

Stock: Majority of stores that sell them include Amazon UK, Smyths, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Toys R Us, Very and more, but often you will see the words ‘Out of Stock’ or ‘Pre-order’ due to their popularity, just be sure to check these stores on a regular basis and hopefully you will get one.

Next Hatchimals Egg Toy Sale and UK Stock

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  • Ian

    Smyths told me that they will NOT be getting any more stock until after Christmas, I have also seen after my phone call to them that they have updated its website.

  • Tabatha

    Hatchimals stock is apparently going to coming to Asda George today December 12th – fingers crosed because I have also heard they will go on sale for around £59.97.

  • Zoe

    I keep seeing comments on sites saying got my email alert that was back in stock so managed to get one…. Well these people must be special as I have alerts set up for all stores and haven’t received one?!? Anyone else had any luck?

  • Carlos

    No it’s not !!

  • James

    The Hatchimals Bearakeet Egg is now back in stock at Tesco Direct, so hurry because these sell out super fast.

  • Zoe

    I need an Owlicorn am I right in thinking this is exclusive to toys r us? I have been ringing them daily for past 2 weeks…. Nightmare because our nearest one is an hour away so can’t just pop in daily 🙁 think I’m going to have a very disappointed daughter Xmas day as I’m not prepared to pay the prices on eBay!!

  • Rachel Dodd

    I need a hatchimal too i cant get them no were and the prices on ebay r insane!

  • jemma

    Someone help me to get a hatchimal I am searching every where and cant find any presales 🙁

  • Jenny

    Where can I get an Hatchimals from? I have searched high and low for one but they are always out of stock.

  • Mark (Editor)

    Product-Reviews > – have just reported that Argos confirms new Hatchimals stock is coming on November 5th.

  • Grace

    Wow, I just managed to get one so thank you, but they are now out of stock. Mad how popular these little eggs are.

  • Mark (Editor)

    Visit Very right now and get your hands on the Hatchimals Pengualas 1 Toy >
    If this runs out of stock watch this group as they update with the stores who have them in stock >

  • Teresa

    Instock even between 7th n 14th nov at symths gla gettin one

  • Teresa

    Smyths sayin instixk between 7th and 14th november

  • Grace

    I cannot find anywhere selling them, they are always sold out. John Lewis yesterday sold out within two minutes.

  • Mark (Editor)

    A friend has told us one will be given away soon. Be sure to check the cool ‘Cute Clothes’ Facebook group where they will be giving away one Hatchimals egg to a lucky follower. Go like the group right now and then keep check to see when the giveaway competition begins. Like them here >

  • David

    Looks like Argos online has them in stock again.

  • Charlotte

    Hatchimals are out of stock at Ocado but when they are back in stock you should try using the discount code VOU8643221 – because if you are a new customer you will get £20 when you spend £80, bargain.

  • Jessica

    Asda George are still saying out of stock, when will the Hatchimals be back on sale?

  • Henrietta

    Darn, John Lewis says they are coming soon still.

  • Cherrie

    I have seen over on Tesco Direct online that you can buy the Hatchimals Penguala in Pink for £56.95. Hurry though whilst stocks last.