India Independence Day 2018

When will the next India Independence Day be held?This event means different things to various people, which includes businesses and the public thanks to everyone having a different reason to celebrate.

For the likes of British Airways it will be offering great deals on outbound flights, for others it could be a special episode on TV like The Voice, or it could be a more traditional India Independence Day this August by celebrating moving away from the British Empire decades ago.

How will you celebrate India Independence Day this year? Will it be a discount from an online store, watching special TV episodes focused on the special day, or something more traditional? Leave what you plan to do in the comments, also we would love to hear about offers and other news related to this event.

India Independence Day 2018

  • Steve

    Independence Day 2016 for India will be held on Monday, August 15, 2016. Those living in London will be able to enjoy a free event. The event will be hosted by Indian Gymkhana Club London at the Indian Gymkhana Club, Thornbury Avenue, Isleworth TW7 4NQ. There will be free rides and park facilities etc. Food stalls, raffle draws and more.

  • Bha

    Looking forward to the special episode of The Voice.

  • Jai

    Thanks to travelling to India for our Independence Day, I will be taking advantage of the British Airways 15% discount.