iTunes Countdown to Christmas

Are you looking for cheap gifts with iTunes? In 2014 the Apple iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app was deleted from the store leaving users a little shocked to say the least that they were not getting freebies. But the love is sort of being returned, because Apple has made a comeback with its new iTunes Countdown to Christmas.

The iTunes Countdown to Christmas is not offering free gifts but discounted ones instead, where you can get movies to own or rent at a lower price. When you think of a Christmas countdown you would expect a timer of some sort with the time ticking away until it gets to zero, but not in this case.

You can access Countdown to Christmas via the iTunes iOS app or on your computer, each day you will see a new deal. If you see a deal and we haven’t updated here please do share below in the comments. This is also a landing page where you can have your say, maybe you would like to mention what you would like next, what movie would you like to own with a lower price?

iTunes Countdown to Christmas

  • Jenny

    I so want the app to come back to life, I cannot seem to find it in the App Store.

  • Simon

    Is iTunes offering the 12 days of Christmas app this year of 2016?

  • Ottis

    Day 15 iTunes countdown to Christmas is Hotel Transylvania for only £3.99 HD, This can be all yours for this price.

  • Lisa

    I didn’t even know about this until I finally received an email on the 6th December! Since then nothing! Is there a web page or somewhere on itunes to check this daily or are you purely reliant on getting the email?

  • Rosey

    Day 4 and you can own Stuart Little HD for just £3.99, but now if you like the movie with the cute mouse. Are you happy with the movies they are selling cheap, what would you like to see?

  • Diane

    the* –

  • Diane

    Bring back he 12 deals app and keep the iTunes countdown to Christmas.

  • Larry

    Doesn’t look like we are going to get any massive big time movies like Ted 2 or Jurassic World etc, oh no because for day 2 we get Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas for £3.99. Keep it.

  • Darren

    Yesterday December 1, 2015 the first movie to feature on the Apple iTunes “Countdown To Christmas” was The Smurfs in HD for £3.99, yes you can own the whole HD movie for this low price.