A child always likes to do what their parents or grandparents are doing, so when they see they are vacuuming the house they want to join in because they are intrigued. The only downside is, they try to help you but they are actually stopping you doing your cleaning. This is where this stunning kids vacuum cleaner toy with sounds now priced under £10 can provide the best of both worlds.

This particular vortex vacuum cleaner comes with realistic sounds, and has been designed to help a child’s hand-eye coordination.

Main features include: The vacuum comes with cyclone suction with beads inside, detachable wand and on-board tools.

It does not come with batteries and will require four C batteries; the price was £24.91 but can be yours for just £9.99, which is a cool saving of 60%. There is a fee to pay for post and packaging at £5.99, so the total price is £15.99.

Suitable for ages 3 and above, please fond out more about this product over at Wowcher.

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