When is Labor Day 2016 in USA?

In the United States millions of people will be celebrating Labor Day 2016, and this is the day all about the American labor movement mainly committed to economic and social achievements of workers. It is all about the workers country. So when is Labor Day 2016 in USA?

For those that reside in the United States will know when Labor Day is, but for those that do not it is on Monday, September 5 in 2015. But each year it falls on the first Monday of September. Promoted by the Knights of Labor and Central Labor Union the first ever parade hit New York City, which happened after the Haymarket Massacre that happened in Chicago in 1886.

Primarily “Labor Day” is an official holiday in September, because this is what the knight’s favour not May itself.

Labor Day sales in 2016 as well as many other events will be coming alive in September, where savings, parties, music and so much more with be happening. How will you be celebrating Labor Day?