Next Lidl Baby & Toddler Event

If you are looking out for the next Lidl Baby & Toddler Event then please do bookmark this page because here is where updates will be added so you know when the baby sale starts and what sort of items can be purchased.

The baby essentials event occurs at different times during the year and when these dates become available here is where you will find out more. They sell anything from baby bibs, stair gates, prams, monitors, bouncers and even food.

Items do sellout very quickly indeed due to low price tags, the baby event happens in all stores across the UK so do keep our page in mind.

Next Lidl Baby & Toddler Event

Next Lidl Baby and Toddler event news up to November 2019

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When is the next Lidl Baby and Toddler event? Share what you know with other readers:

  • Lisa

    Today is 17th January and the Lidl Baby Event is now live. Went into the store this morning and they have a lot of stuff in cheap….

  • Mark

    The Lidl Baby & Toddler Event is on right now September 6th 2018….

  • Mark

    The next Lidl baby event is on 6th Thursday September 2018..

  • Maxine

    They are selling many items from wedge pillows, tommy tip and bottle warmers all on the cheap. I am going there today after my friend said the deals are really good.

  • Claire

    The Lidl Baby Event is on and they have some amazing deals going on.

  • Nancy

    It is not on in my local store, i will keep my eyes peeled and let you know when its on in Bristol.

  • Lisa

    The lidl baby event is on right now in store, runs most of September i think.