Next Matalan 3 for 2 Toys Sale

If you are looking for a present for the little one being it for Christmas or Birthday then we would have to suggest the Matalan 3 for 2 Toys sale that happens often during the year. The offer is simple where you choose 3 items being it toys, gifts or games and you get the cheapest one free.

The 3 for 2 toys, games and gifts include soft toys, dolls, playsets, action figures, board games, art and creative, outdoors toys, pre-school as well as being able to choose boys or girls. If you see a great Matalan toy offer or a very good discount code please do share with us, have fun shopping.

Next Matalan 3 for 2 Toys Sale

Next Matalan 3 for 2 Toys Sale event news up to September 2018

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  • Felicity

    The matalan further reduction sale is on where you can save up to 70%, not sure if any toys are within this sale though.

  • Gemma

    Loving this, I just got the finding dory art set at £4, the finding dory jelly stickers £5 and the finding dory sequin art for £2, well i got the last one for free because its 3 for 2.

  • Julie

    If the Matalan 3 for 2 sale on toys is still on, what sort of deals can we expect on Black Friday?

  • Mark

    Wonder if they will end soon so they can get ready for its Black Friday sale?

  • Clive

    When does the Matalan 3 for 2 sale end?

  • Sharon

    I love the Matalan 3 for 2 toys sale, i recently bought a few toys such as the Plush Unicorn Hottie, Find Dory Sequin art and Disney Frozen 104 piece glitter puzzle. I got the dory one for free because it was the cheapest.