The Morrisons happens now and then throughout the year just like its 2 for £22, the only downside they never let you know when the next one is going to be. But, this is where we come in because this is a dedicated page to provide updates from other shoppers as well as ourselves.

The 2 for £20 is on selected 70cl spirits, which normally cost between £12 and £16 for each bottle. In the past bottles that were included were Three Barrels Brandy, Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur, Malibu White Rum With Coconut as well as Gordon’s Dry London Gin, Teacher’s Scotch Whisky, Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, Bacardi White Rum and Smirnoff Red Label Vodka. Obviosuly these bottles will change when a new 2 for £20 begins.

So, when is the next Morrisons Spirits Offer 2 for £20? This can vary but updates will be posted below. If you spot before we do please do post below in the comments – SHOP ALL Morrisons Spirit Offers Here.

Next Morrisons Spirits Offer event news up to June 2021

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