Mothercare Expectant Parent

If you are a mum-to-be then maybe you would like to know when the next ‘My Mothercare Expectant Parent’ event is on, if this is the case them please do read on because we know you are going to love this. This event only happens in UK stores and places are limited so its best book as soon as you can.

This dedicated page will provide you information on the event, what is happening and links to the right so you can book your place today. This is also a great place to be for all expectant mums to have a natter whereby you can discuss anything about the event to helping each other out.

This exclusive Mothercare event provides info on baby products, parenting topics, car and seat safety, how to choose the best pushchair or pram. Other topics include sterilising, breast pumps, maternity breast fitting, all attendees get money off vouchers and more.

Mothercare Expectant Parent

  • Vicky

    Water babies are going to be at a few stores, so I will be heading down to the one in Harrington, all booked in and ready to go.

  • Gracie

    The Mothercare expectant parent event in Havant is this Friday and apparently can make some lavender bags.

  • Lea

    I am going to the Mothercare Expectant Parent event at the Newport Road store, this will be this Thursday and I am looking forward to it.