Next M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale

You have battled with Black Friday and now Cyber Monday has past so what shall we do for great deals? Do not worry because the next M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale is waiting for you where you can save even more money.

Each year a tight budget is normal where you have to spend your money wisely to make sure you have enough to buy all your friends, family and partner a gift/s. Prices do go up just before Christmas and then drops for Boxing Day and the January Sales, so to save money right now just shop the ‘M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale’.

All you need to do is buy three products from Marks & Spencer and you will get the cheapest one for free. There are many gifts such as Christmas wrapping paper, gift tags, cards and many products such as the Avengers Happy Tin, mini Christmas trees and more.

Next M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale

Next M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale event news up to September 2018

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  • Jessica

    Superb, Marks and Spencer is still doing the 3 for 2 Bourjois sale online,

  • Vicky

    At the moment M&S have the 3 for 2 sale on Knickers. This is where you can mix and match. Basically buy 2 and get 1 free its that simple. I saw this deal online.

  • Jane

    You can buy 3 products form Marks & Spencer and get the cheapest for free, such as buy the A-Z Individual Gold Mugs at £8 each, the Do Not Open Hessian Sack at £12.50 and the Unicorn for £18 and you will get the mug for free.

  • Martyn

    The M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale is now on, not a clue when this ends but you can save money right now.

  • Ricky

    The M&S sale continues, where you can save up to 60% online and in store. You save on women’s, men’s, kids clothing etc, up to 60% off on homeware, lingerie/nightwear, as well as up to 50% off on furniture and many more.

  • Eda

    Are there going to be any more Marks and Spencer Christmas deals after the 3 for 2 Gifts Sale? Any information anyone can share please do, much appreciated.

  • Taylor

    it says you get the cheapest free, but what happens if i buy all three products at the same cost such as £20. Does this still mean i get the third for free?

  • Editor

    This year of 2015 the M&S 3 for 2 Gifts Sale event runs from December 3 – 6. Hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for. Happy Christmas.