The next New Forest Fairy Festival is already being planned so you can be there to join other ‘Fairies and Elves’. Normally held each year in August thousands get together to enjoy the light-hearted enchantments’ of the New Forest with music, dancers, healing areas and so much more.

This is an alternative festival for those wishing to celebrate with family or friends who loves the essence of fairies and elves.

Live bands, belly dancers, folk bands, live acoustic music will keep your ears and mind partying, the workshops and healing areas will have you empowered, and other things such as puppet shows, live demos and so much more will keep you smiling.

Names such as Mother Ukers, Amy HoopLovin, Dragons Of Wye Ten, Jim Chorley, Gypsy Pkysy and many more have headlined the event.

Next New Forest Fairy Festival event news up to April 2021

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