Next Amazon 10 Days of Amazing Deals

When Amazon holds its next 10 Days of amazing deals UK shoppers go absolutely crazy, because you have to be very quick indeed to bag a bargain. This is where Christmas shopping is made easy and without the stress of going into a store.

Are you ready for major discounts? The 10 days of amazing deals can start at different times of the year, but for 2015 its just past midnight at 0:01AM November 18 until the 27th. Obviously these dates can and will change throughout the year, but what doesn’t change is the deals only last 10 minutes.

All Amazon deals will change daily, so when the sale event kicks off you have to keep checking back every day for 10 days. There are no inclinations of what will be on offer, but what we do know is the prices will be low with money knocked off all products.

You may get a cheap laptop, 4K TV, a book, some toys, there will be a mix bag of products. But whatever way you look at it money will be saved please let us know what you purchased and how much you paid during the Amazon 10 Days of amazing deals. Click on the link top right for all the deals.

Next Amazon 10 Days of Amazing Deals

  • Tiny

    Oh yes, i only spent £299.99 on the Lenovo G70 laptop, it was priced at £399.99 for the 8Gb RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home model.

  • Jill

    Are you sure Amazon that 10 minute turnaround is enough? I would up it to 20 minutes at least.

  • Gladys

    How many deals will they show at once? I am possibly guessing only one and then after 10 minutes just change it for another product.

  • Scott

    I would very much like to get a cool 50+ inch 4K TV, so i will be sitting up with my red bull in hand.