Next Boots 70% Off UK Sale

So many people ask when the next Boots 70% off online sale is and if this is the case for you then please do bookmark this page because this is where you will be updated. Here is where you will see dates throughout the year when the next 70% off sale is.

When and where the boots online 70% sale can be found – If you visit this online Boots page you will get to see many sale products, from half price up to 70% off. This Boots page will change from time to time depending on the sale they are doing. Check the comments below when the next 70% off sale will be,

Boots usually set its 70% off sale in January and with many items with price cuts you can see the company revenue rising even more just after the hectic Christmas shopping season. Please do bookmark this page for more updates and deals.

Next Boots 70% Off UK Sale

Next Boots 70% Off Sale event news up to November 2019

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  • michelle robinson

    when is the boots the chemist 70 per cent sale on

  • Janina Whitfield

    been to boots sale got quite a lot but the mens gift sets was not many

  • Mo

    the 70% sale is now on although it is only in some stores and doesnt appear to be on line ?

  • Noleen

    Get a FREE Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in Medium or Dark when you spend £12 o more.

  • Keith

    I do not see any 70% sale any time soon with Boots but I know they have the triple points event on, where you get 12 points per every £1 when you spend over £50 or more. Hurry though because this offer ends 31 July 2017.

  • Jamie

    If you head into most stores even though I think they are selected stores you will see that the up to 70% sale is now on.

  • Julie

    The Boots 70% sale is now live in the Mini Club Section, happy days.

  • Clarissa

    When does the Boots 70% off sale start? I am getting so many dates, we now know it is not the 18th.

  • Maria

    It has been confirmed that the sale will not start on January 18th, but signs have gone up suggesting it is coming very soon.

  • Ashley

    TheBoots store I went into in Bristol has changed a few things around, meaning there will be a sale on soon. They never do a new layout unless a new sale is coming. Hello 70% off.

  • Jacob

    I have seen in a few stores 70% off signs covering products, which means they are ready to show us the deals soon.

  • Clive

    Boots have just confirmed that they will boost from up to 50% from January 20th which is a slight delay on previous year. Even though the sale will be from 50% it will be up to 70% in store considering stores are now showing up to 70% off. Money Saving expert Martin Lewis believes the Boots up to 70% off sale will start this week.

  • Karla

    Today is Monday 16th and its not live yet, so I am guessing it will not happen today.

  • Jilly

    Nice, I just saved £40 on the No7 City Lights Beauty Collection, the normal price was £80.

  • Joanne

    One of my friends said it was going to be on Monday 16th, so what is it going to be, the 16th or 18th?

  • Brent

    The Boots 70% off sale was reported to start on January 11th, which was yesterday. But obviously this did not happen and has now been suggested to begin on January 18th next Wednesday.