Next eBay sale event is 20% off everything coupon

Today on Thursday 22 October 2015 eBay is giving a free ‘eBay UK 20 off’ coupon to those that visit its official Facebook page. In just under two hours time you will be able to collect your coupon voucher that will run for 4 hours.

All you need to do is check at 4PM to get the coupon code. When you do, there will be a 20% OFF everything on any purchase over £20. The maximum coupon value is £50; once you are on Facebook you must follow them to get the code.

Please remember the next eBay sale event with 20% off everything coupon only lasts up until 10PM, terms and conditions do apply and can only be used once per UK registered PayPal account.

There is a small video on the Facebook page, please do watch. One follower commented asking for clarification if she purchased a sofa will she get 20% of the full amount or just £50. did reply verifying she will get 20% off to a maximum discount of £50. This means of the sofa is worth over £250 she will get £50.

Next eBay sale event is 20% off everything coupon

  • Lisa

    Fantasie 2024 Rebecca Underwired Spacer Moulded Lightly Padded T Shirt Bra for just under £11

  • Malcom

    You can buy a very very cheap Dell Latitude D430 Windows 7 laptop for just £75 over on ebay.

  • Rima

    I love this, all i need to do is like the ebay uk facebook page and i get money off coupon. Thanks ebay.

  • Matthew

    I am guess if you buy in one single purchase you will get the 20% off with a maximum of £50 back dependent on how much you have spent.

  • Mark

    What happens if i want to buy more than one product under £20 but adds up to like £100 and i want to buy them via PayPal in one go?

  • Kate

    So no matter what I buy whatever the price the max I get off is £50, that’s cool with me.